Yu Ren Sheng – The Remedy of Yvette’s Phlegmy Cough

All thanks to Crystal’s mum.

I texted her in the morning telling her I wanted to cancel my trip to her place stating the reason on why I couldn’t make it.

She came back to me telling me I should let Yvette try some 八宝散. I agreed and off we went to their place for play date too.

Indeed, after trying just one bottle of 八宝散 (there are 6 bottles in a pack.), Yvette cough really getting lesser and lesser. But sadly, the stubborn phlegm remained. She still coughed in the middle of the night and honestly we find really bad for her.


So off we went to Yu Ren Sheng Store at TPY central and the store assistant recommended 保婴丹 to us. She told us 八宝散 should be taken after recovery. It is  more of well being. As for 保婴丹, it should be taken when a child is sick.  (八宝散 is S$23 and 保婴丹 is S$16.50.)


So I did a switch because the phlegm refused going away.

After feeding Yvette 八宝散 (Thurs & Fri)  for 2 days and 保婴丹 for 2 days (Sat & Sun), honestly I lost patience. I think 3 weeks is enough wait, this really making us feeling bad. I know her cough is so much lesser now but then why the phlegm is still there.

We just doesn’t like the situation of her coughing in the middle of the night due to phlegm. We went to the Yu Ren Sheng Clinic for further consultation. Of course, there is another push factor that I decided to switch to Chinese Medication because Yvette takes the Chinese Medication easily. She never struggle and never refuse when I try to feed her. We told her the truth about the medical is bitter and she took it as a breeze!

A very brave child in our eye!

Amazingly, after just one doze of the prescribed medication, Yvette’s night cough gone!


(The Physician of Yu Ren Sheng told us Yvette lung was clear and actually she is already back to good shape. It is just the phlegm we have to get rid.)

I am so Happy! She slept throughout.

I dissolved the power with only 6ml of water. (Instruction given was I don’t need to add a lot of water. The amount of water should be just enough to dissolve all the power.)


It is really concentrated and even myself find it bitter. But my little girl took it so well.




Of course, at the end of it, I did give her a gummy bear to get rid of the bitterness in her mouth.


Her love in drinking the Chinese Medi is captured down by me! (On day 4)



24 thoughts on “Yu Ren Sheng – The Remedy of Yvette’s Phlegmy Cough

  1. Amazing! Have managed to get my son to take western meds already. He’s been having cough last week but it got much better after he took the meds (interestingly it’s like a drink and he happily drinks it). And the flu meds that the doc gave is only 1.4ml – so little.

  2. Yes amazingly, Yvette loves bitter meds. On day 4, she request to drink by her own. I added more water to dilute it further. And she drank from the cup happily.

    I hope I will remember to upload those pictures in this site.

  3. Hihi dear,

    Been reading your blog and find it very helpful and intresting. Hope u can continue writing the Blog even u back to work force.

    Kindly check with you, Yvette been couging 3 weeks. The cough only occur in the night?
    Actually my girl 18mths++ have been coughing for 3 weeks + also. The 1st-2nd weeks, she only cough in the morning straight after the milk feed for 1 min then thru out the day she is ok, then suddenly break out into fever + cough + flu.

    Wanna check with you. Yu ren Sheng TCM consultantion + medicine expensive?

    thanks so much!

  4. Serene,

    Your comment is encouraging. I hope I do have time to write. And thanks for letting me know my entries are interesting and helpful.

    The cough is really bad for the first 10 days. It got better from 10 days onward but then the phlegm just refused to go away. The cough didn’t happen at night only. She did cough on and off in the day but at night it just once or twice for about 2-5 mins. (with a lot of phlegm)

    Medications Yvette took during this period of time are:

    For Phlegm –

    AXOL Syr (Ambroxol) & Prednisolone syr
    Sabutol syr (Salbutamol) & Vasican syr
    Leftose syrup

    For Cough –

    Phenexpect CD (2 bottles)
    Coughlax Forte syr

    (The above info for your reference)

    We paid S$35 for Yu ren Sheng TCM consultantion + medicine for 5 days 3x per day, expensive?

    I feel the fee is alright. And most importantly it really help her this round.

    I suggest you 保婴丹 for a start to test your girl like Chinese Medi. Then if she still coughing (poor girl, you must be very heart pain), then you have to bring her to Yu Ren Sheng, perhaps?

    Hope the above information is sufficient to you. I wish your DD well!

  5. Hihi dear,

    Thanks for the reply, it so detail!!

    Actually i used to feed my girl yu ren sheng
    1) bao yin dang
    2) ba bao san
    3) hou zuo fen (damn expensive, 1 btl ard $70 and need 3 bottle for the whole treatment).

    For bao yin dang & ba bao san is not working for her. Hou zuo fen is really too too expensive.

    Last night i tried to feed the ‘huo zuo fen’ from ‘fu hua’ per bottle @ $15 and can eat 3-4days. Surprisely, touch wood it work well for her. Yesterday cc teacher say her flu like ‘raining’, evening i feed her & the flu is gone!

    Actually i am more to support TCM as i think it cure the root. $35 + consultantion + medicine, i think it is very reasonable. What i afraid most is some TCM doc, they want to put expensive tonic in it then the medcine become very expensive.

    Hope our girl recover soon. Hugz

    • Serene,

      I know about hou zuo fen too. I went back to Yu Ren Sheng shop on Day 5 after feeding Yvette 保婴丹 for 2 days. They recommended me that but they quoted me S$75. I was shock to learn this is SO expensive!!! That is the reason why I went to the clinic instead of taking off the shelve medication anymore.

      Thanks for telling me ‘fu hua’ is selling for $15 per bottle. And in TCM they will put some tonic in it. I think it is common because TCM medication is more for curing the root cause as well as taking our well being.

      It is good to hear your girl is doing well now. Yvette is totally well now.

      Do drop by often!

  6. Hihi dear,

    Sure, i almost everyday check your blog .

    Eu Ren sheng is so ex is due to it is PURE, other like ‘fu hua’ are with mixture of other chinese herb. \
    Cheers! Happy new year to ur family

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  9. Hi my 15th months old son also suffering from coughing, and quite bad. I’m thinking to bring him to eu yan Shang too,may I know which clinic n doctor u hv been visiting ? My son is g6pd dificiency , cannot anyhow take Chinese medicine, so need to look for an experienced doctor. I looking forward to hear from you , thanks.

    A worried mummy

    • Cheryl,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I brought Yvette to see Chan Jia Kai 曾展阶. He only come TPY on Sunday.

      If your son is g6pd deficiency (G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally.)… hmmm I suggest you go to this few branches because Physicians at their child friendly clinics are specially selected for their clinical experiences and their ability to interact and connect with children.

      Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre @ Camden Child-friendly clinic

      Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic @ Sembawang Child-friendly clinic

      Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic @ Tiong Bahru Child-friendly clinic


      Hope this will help.

      • Thanks for your reply. I actually call up eu yan Shang , and they also recommend me to go Camden clinic , I hope she can cure my son. Cuz the sickness seems occur monthly now,n he got to use pump to help breathing 😦

  10. Since I have been receiving mails enquiring which Clinic and Doc that cured Yvette, here the details.

    79E Toa Payoh Central #01-75
    Singapore 315079
    Tel:6255 3059

    to see Dr. Chan Jan Kai

    He is only at TPY branch on Sun.

    The main branch he works for is

    524A Jelapang Road #03-09B
    Greenridge Shopping Centre
    S 671524
    Tel: 67665234

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