Our First PTC Session

Wow, the feeling on our first PTC session is like receiving report card of Yvette from the teacher for the first time. Of course I can’t compare myself with those parents receiving the PSLE result but the eagerness to get to know how Yvette is progressing after spending three good months in school is still there.

We were a bit early and bumped into Crystal and her family. Crystal was so cute! She cried because she didn’t see Yvette in school. Think the friendship of these two girls had already blossomed. Hopefully they will take care of each other for the rest of their 4 years there!

We bumped into another classmate of Yvette who was there early too, we actually let them proceed with the Main Teacher of PG B first. It’s didn’t take very long because the Chinese Teacher who was supposed to be here was sick.

When it was our turn, I was surprised I only received 2 pages of Progress Report, 2 Art & Crafts, 1 Art collage done by the Teacher for Yvette and 1 CD with all the fun moments of Yvette taken in school.  As compare to Crystal, this is a small package.

PC180012 PC180013

The explanations given to us by her teacher were Yvette wasn’t ready to do any art work when she was adapting and most of the art works were done in the afternoon. (Yes, she took 7 good weeks to adapt.)

So what was recorded in her Progress Report.

Communication Skills: Yvette shows strength in this area. She recently was able to express herself freely and confidently as she began to settle down in class. She relates to teachers and her peers in a more positive way as she acknowledges them and calls them by first name. She tends to be chatty at times and would just verbalize wheat she thinks and says anything about what she sees or remembers. She makes use of her listening skills effectively as well as she has a ready response when she is in the mood to join conversation with the teacher.

I would not surprise to read this from the teacher. But in long run, I hope this is not affecting her. She need to be less chatty because I am worry this might ultimately lead to talkative. I am worry she might not able to focus much too.

Cognitive Development: Yvette starts to make good responses in some of the discussion in Connecting as One Time recently. She can identify the names of some objects, primary colours and even some secondary colours, shapes, and could follow simple directions easily.

I am happy about this progress.

Readings: Yvette exhibits positive attitude towards reading through picking a book of her choice during time in reading zone, looking at prints around and listening to stories attentively. She is very observant of details. She likes to point out the objects and identify the names of each.

I am very happy with this. Our effort has paid off. It wasn’t easy for us in the first place. Many hard work and struggles! And yes, reading is one of her favourite activity and she will pick up a book to read and look at the print by herself. She will also bring me book or request me to read aloud to her. She is making full use of her time to learn and we often need to bring some books as well as her sticker activity book when we are travelling on the road!

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skill: Yvette’s body movements are smooth and comfortable. She just recently  started to get more active. During moments in Gym, she shows ability to perform physical tasks and use entire body or several parts at one time like crawling, walking, running and rolling. With regards to fine motor skills, she is able to use her hands appropriately with her age. She scoops her own food using spoon with minimal spillage and she holds crayon or paintbrush with her whole hands.

I have happy with the gross and fine mother skill progress but I will like to side track a bit. I know she could eat by herself but I do know  occasionally Yvette will stand up and start walking around to talk (to herself). And sometimes she will stop feeding herself when she saw her teachers feeding the new kids.

Having said so, she is eating a lot more by herself at home now. Like tonight, she fed herself the Fried Rice we brought all by herself.

Social and Emotional Development: Yvette needed time to settle down. Recently she successfully overcame her separation anxiety and slowly adapted to school environment. She is now comfortable relating with the teachers and peers. She plays alongside with her peers but prefers to do different activity.

Yvette is the only child in PG Class who is having half day school . For next year, we have already decided to let Yvette to do full day school – gearing toward the direction of me rejoining the workforce. So that she could spend more time with her peers.

On the other hand, I am worry she will need to re-adapt to the change and hopefully with some foundation built over time, she is able to adapt faster.

And being the only child, and with all grown up cousins, she really has less interaction with other kids. That is another reason why besides school, I still fix up play date for her.

Enrichment Programmes: At first Yvette was taking time to observe and just look as her peers are doing enrichment activities. She often refused to join and persistently said “no”. But before the enrichment program ended this term, Yvette showed interest and eventually joined as well. It was a delight seeing her makes effort in listening to instructions, participate and enjoy.

I am happy the teachers in this school have never forced a child. Often, a child will take longer time to adapt if the teacher force them. I am glad to learn Yvette could finally settle in for all the activities too.

General Comments: Though it was difficult for her to start and settle down, Yvette eventually overcame her fears and apprehensions in school environment. She is a smart girl and shows interest in exploring and learning. As we know that it is really challenging for children of his age to learn sharing as they are very concerned with their own needs and ideas, Yvette needs more encouragement to integrate more with her peers and develop social skills. Indeed, it is a pleasure to see Yvette getting ready to step up to N1.

Of late, we do hear her saying more of “mine, mine”. Perhaps at this age Yvette is getting more conscious over her needs and wants. I know she still never scratch toys but then not so much of sharing. I hope she will improve in this area.

Overall, I feel she is doing good. There are some positive as well as negative feedbacks. I will see what we could do to help Yvette to move on from here. I hope last but not least, she will quickly adapt to full day session too.

In the mean time, I will have some moments of emptiness without having her at home with me in the afternoon till I find a job!


5 thoughts on “Our First PTC Session

  1. Yes it sounds like she’s doing well in school! 🙂 If she’s starting full day next year, perhaps you can pop by in the afternoon to scrap at my place?

  2. Think yvette is doing well in school. Smooth motor skill and reading, to me are imp skills for tots to master at this stage. Show u crystal’s report next time, we have a lot of stuff that we need to work on her lor…. Hahaha

    • I find Crystal very affectionate!

      For some skills, it take time to nurture. I am sure with the help of the school, Crystal will be much better! Just don’t give up trying!

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