Southern Ridges Walk to Henderson Waves to Vivo City – Yvette (Part 2)

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About The Nature & Yvette

After this trip, I am quite sure Yvette has 公主病!

Under the not so warm sun situation, she told us the weather is very hot. She pulled down the hood and hide in there.


Only when we announced for water break under the shade, she happily opened up the hood and gotten her drink from us.


She was perpetually on the stroller after we completed the Forest Walk. She finally set her foot on the ground because we asked her to feel all these “special” leaves we found. (These leaves are hairy!)



After the toilet break, she was suddenly been recharged. She started to be on her feet and even try to do some balancing.


She loves the wood as much as me. When she was up on the bridge, she treated the wave bridge like the slide. Gliding down happily!


She also crawled on the wood too. It must be a BIG playground to her.


We took many pictures and I love this picture very much!


Picture of the day!

She spelled Henderson Waves and felt the letters when she saw this.


She started to walk more and I managed capture some funny action done by her.

Such as blowing up her mouth.


Singing and dancing as she walked.


Climbed up the cable car when we were near to Jewel Box.


She asked for another toilet break. Luckily there is toilet at Jewel Box and it is also opened to public. It’s located at second floor of the building.

Before I managed to track down the toilet, from far, she already spotted the fish pond. She was so happy to meet the fish!


I was pretty surprise the sales assistance in the Jewel Box was so good with the tots. They gave Yvette the bear bear and asking Yvette to sit there for photo taking.

Although she didn’t look into my lens, I am happy to capture one of her sweetest smile.

Henderson Waves

I also love this picture. This is captured by D’s iPhone.


Somehow I was wrong to tag her with that nickname – 公主病. No doubt she never walked much but she never missed any opportunity climbing up and down the stairs. I would say, it is taxing to walk up and down the stairs especially they are many of them!



Overall, I would say her participation rate on this hiking is 50%! I hope we could make Yvette walk more in the future!

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