Southern Ridges Walk to Henderson Waves to Vivo City – The Final Bits (Part 3)

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About The Nature & Us

I am happy to join D on this adventure. He been suggesting, I been procrastinating. (I’ve been busy.)

Anyway, this nature walk is another eye opening. In this small city like Singapore, it is really not easy to brush with nature. And most of the setting are preserve. It’s the bridge that is added to the nature.

While walking, we observed. Since Yvette was sitting comfortably in the stroller, we took our time to stroll…

D pointed the big leaves to me but I told him those leaves here are never bigger than the one we saw in Bukit Timah Reserve.


It always the case. Some people loves to leave their “names” there. We saw the same act in Cameron Height too. So everywhere is the same?


I never see such a tall Lalang before. Or long, whatever!


We managed to took one family picture using D’s iPhone. All thanks to iPhone 4!


We found Christmas Tree. Tell me this is Christmas Tree please. Yvette doesn’t agree  to it. I believe because it must be due with all Xmas Tree she saw are all nicely decorated with light and ornament. But this one is so BARE!


While walking on Henderson wave, we saw this. A weird tree right in the middle!


At the end of Henderson Waves, we wasn’t sure over which direction to walk, we refer to the road again.


We finally headed down to Vivo City via Marang Trail. This is the most difficult route throughout our journey.

Yvette had a bad fall (almost down the stairs). There are too many stairs. The road is rocky and uneven. Plus our stomach was calling us.

Goodness! A good 20 mins walk. (Yvette was walking down the stairs all by herself tills she tripped and fall. I carried her walking down the stairs after the fall.) In normal circumstances, the journey down should be around 12 to 15 mins.



When we finally saw the street, we were extremely delight! We had soup spoon for our lunch and then headed to Page One for books. We finally headed back home around 5 plus in the evening.

On side note, beside the fall, there was another mishap….

This was the last picture taken by our Canon.


Although I ranted about this camera isn’t functioning well after I sent it to repair, but then I found a way to operate the camera. However, I left the camera in my pocket and rush for the toilet trip upon reaching Vivo. The camera dropped onto the floor and this round, really died on me!

I will need to sending it to repair centre before the year end!


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