Play Date with Crystal

This is not plan.

Knowing Crystal’s mum was staying at home for these few days, I decided to make a trip to their home. I called her up to check with her whether she needs me to pick up her daughter for her, so that Yvette could have a playmate as well.

She agreed and she called the school. Although the school recognised me, both of them are classmate, they still need Crystal’s mum to give them a black and white. Fine, I believe this is a step up security measure and also to cover the school itself.

I couldn’t believe I could manage two toddlers. With two big bags, and two toddlers, one left one right, my hands are full. Lucky me! Crystal and Yvette are so well behave!!! And I would give the credit back to them.

And luckily the taxi stand is just around the corner, I quickly hop up the cab and off we went! They were good girls on the cab too.


We have great time there and now whenever Yvette saw this piano, she will tell me she want to go Crystal’s house!



2 thoughts on “Play Date with Crystal

  1. Thanks for popping by and helping to pick up crystal. It’s great time for the 2 gals to mingle and learn from each other. Crystal wakie fr her nap and ask ” where yvette ” . Now i can always tell her ” You go to school and play w yvette”. The next time round we will go your house n i will bring along e piano.

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