Yvette’s Day @ Juroug Bird Park

After reading so many blog entries online about what is happening in Jurong Bird Park now; I am sure everyone know what to expect there during this period. So I will not be penning incident on what we have encountered. This entry will be more about the bird park in Yvette’s eye!


She still could fit into clothing from 18mths to 24mths. Think American size is usually bigger!

Upon arrival, Yvette saw one of her favourite bird, flamingo statue! She ran toward it but refused to allow us to take picture for her.


As we thought she will be interested in Penguin, she surprised us again. I remember she used to like Penguin a lot. Look at the picture taken in our first trip to the Bird Park a year ago. We didn’t stay there for long, and on our way out, she saw this. Something she wanted us to rent for her!


Papa, I want to drive.

She wasn’t particularly interested with those birds although she did show some excitement when she saw Flamingo. But she gave us a “WOW” when she saw the Stork flap the wing!


Finally we have leg break at the pavilion. I let her have her favourite fruit juice without sugar added version. After finishing her drink, she started to bark at us to buy the Orange Juice in the Vending Machine. We rejected her request.


We walked on after the break. Nothing really interest her! Heh! Finally, the setting in African Waterfall Aviary triggered her engine. She been sitting in the stroller and didn’t pay much attention to the birds…. hmmmm…. now she doesn’t like bird anymore?


She climbed up the platform and was delighted to learn the drum is “functioning”.


And a old nanny help is took a nice family picture!


And this picture was taken a year back!


After some picture taking, we walked in to the inner part of African Waterfall Aviary where we could see the waterfall. I thought Yvette will be thrilled to see the waterfall, but then… she only uttered “Water” that it! She refused to take picture with us when we requested her! But she was happily roaming around and resulted a fall.



Although she didn’t want to take picture with any of us but I still manage to capture some meaningful pictures of Yvette and her Daddy with the waterfall as background. It all started off with Yvette “playing” her Daddy’s nose!


I heart all these 5 pictures. (Including the one above.)

Jurong BP 15.12

How could we not checking out the only aircon exhibition hall –  Birds Discovery Centre in the Bird Park?

“Giraffe!” Yvette shouted.


Oh my goodness! That is not a giraffe!!!! It was too late to correct her, she run off!

Before we met the Lory, Yvette run into (ar… this girl is perpetually running all the time!!) the souvenir shop and saw her favourite sweet vending machine. She gave her Daddy the sweetest and cheeky smile. And before she asked for it, D was already digging his pocket for a dollar coin.


Nowadays, she doesn’t like us to feed her favourite food of course that including all junk food! She was trying to get the sweets from my hand and the sweet dropped down thru the mental plank onto the ground. She was upset but then luckily we gotten 3 sweets from the machine.

Since this incident, she became caution. She doesn’t walked on the plank with gap. And crossing this bridge cost her 15 mins to do so.


Although the fear of falling is there, but when she was asked to walk the suspension bridge, she happily accepted the challenge.



Time for lunch! Yvette stopped to admire these “Red” flower while we walking out the park to have lunch.


We had our lunch at Bongo Burger. She was sooooooooooooo keyed up when she saw those little animal-shaped chairs.


Yvette is obsessed with numbers. Anything associated to it, it will trigger her interest.


After filling our stomach, we went to the souvenir shop. This round we decided to indulge and educate Yvette with these two little animal. We splurge on one Turtle and one Tortoise. And from there we realised, we were not given voucher to shop and dine upon buying our ticket from the counter. Do check all your entitlement before you entered the bird park.


We went back to the bird park to do our last activity for the day! That is to take the train ride. The monorail caught Yvette’s attention immediately aswe entered the park and she was barking us non stop during our walk in the park. Finally it is time for us to fulfill our promise.


At the end of her day, Yvette definitely is a happy girl after the ride! And not much encounter with the birds…..


3 thoughts on “Yvette’s Day @ Juroug Bird Park

  1. Was it very crowded? Ally LOVES penguins so we were thinking of taking her there during the weekend but was a bit hesitant cos of the crowd. Besides the waterfall and Penguin exhibit, my kids don’t show much interest in the birds either.

    • Weekdays no. I believe weekends yes.

      Actually Penguin is not that fantastic anymore. We didn’t check out the new added member, African Penguin. Unless you went for the Penguin Coast and the Dec holiday programmes on weekends; If not I think nothing much to see in kids’ eye.

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