Yvette Plays Truant @ 31 mths

Officially she is off, not because CC is having holiday, by the way, CC won’t have school holiday.

I found out too many tots in her CC were coughing while attending the Christmas Party organised by the school last week and thinking it will be good to keep her away from school.

She is still coughing, and this is the longest period she ever fall sick. In fact, I have never heard her coughing before. This is the first cough and it really disturbing when we hear her coughing in the middle of the night.

As D was clearing his leave, I also plan some outing with Yvette in the morning so that we could have more family time together before D fly off to Perth in Jan for 2 weeks!


10 thoughts on “Yvette Plays Truant @ 31 mths

  1. Coughing at night disturbs sleep badly at night, I can’t stand it myself! When coughing, I learnt to stay away from oranges and poultry (esp. chicken). The medicine, Rhinathiol, also works well for my boy. Hope Yvette would get well real soon.

    • The strange part is, she doesn’t cough constantly at night. She only cough once.

      Thanks for your recommendation. Is this good for phlegm too? Now I need something for phlegm.

  2. Hope Yvette gets well soon. My son hasn’t been to group activities for a week plus but still coughing at night. Think this particular germ is the long time cough type.

    • For our case, Yvette “fall” in the category of building immunity. I guess the first 6 months will be tough for her.

      Crystal’s mum recommended some Chinese medication for Yvette and so far it is taking more effect on her but then the tricky part is the phlegm.

      Hope your son recover soon too!

  3. A paed in Singapore prescribed Rhinathiol for my boy, it’s the Nocturnal Cough version. When he starts coughing a little at night, we’d give him some before he sleeps. It usually clears up in 1-2 days. So far, he hasn’t been phelgmy, so I’m not sure how it works on phlegmy cough.

  4. Beside ba bao huan, Eu yan sang has something else that clear phlegm. Check it out. I oso have a bottle of the cough syrup mentioned above ( not open). Let mi know if u need , will bring to cc. Hope Yvette and zhien recover soon.

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