Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage

As I did Ocean Theme with Yvette not long ago, I decided to bring her to watch this movie which I thought she will be interested.

Sammy Adventure

We have lunch at the food court after getting ticket because we were running out of time to eat else where.

We saw these huge Christmas Tree on our way to get ticket and we saw it again just right outside the food court.


For the movie, I certainly like the love story between Sammy and Shelly and love the soundtrack! And thinking to get the CD for myself too!

Thought the show itself is “interesting” to us but definitely not for Yvette’s liking. She was consider well behave, no melt down but she likes to move around. And in the midst of the show, she was asking us to bring her home. The best part is, she dozed off!!!

Too comfortable right, my girl!


2 thoughts on “Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage

    • I think Rapunzel lagi worse.

      Yvette is a boy at heart!!!! haha.. think she will want to go home even faster. She knows nothing about Rapunzel!

      Anyway, thanks for recommending!

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