BookFest @ Singapore 2010

IMG_0574 I skipped my aerobics lesson to go BookFest.  It is definitely much easy to go without Yvette and I do have some other plan in this week for Yvette too. Sadly but my time was held up in the morning which resulted I have to speed up my shopping of education stuff in the bookfest.

Anyway, that is history now!

I took the new Marina Link via Raffles City. I knew this route is definitely shorter because we took this link to Marina Square last Saturday. Heart this link!


This link only cost me 5 mins to walk to Suntec City!!!


I love looking at Christmas Tree. This Christmas tree at the entrance surely worth me capture it down.


Before I took the escalator up i saw this set up for photo taking near the food court.


This is something worth getting, But I didn’t buy. I have something similar.


Seeing this get me excited. Smurfs are part of my childhood!


This round they are thoughtful. They even set up an indoor playground for the kids! I bet weekends will be very crowded.


I spent 60 bucks on this fest. I think I will have spent more if I have more time!



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