Tot Learning Lesson Plan (7th to 27th Nov 2010 ) – Part 1

I am trying my best to record everything I did on teaching Yvette to help me to remember.

I have very, very short memory now. 😦

Ever since I gave birth, my memory is failing. I couldn’t remember things like where I put my stuffs, what I need to do next, let alone appointments. I just missed one appointment on last Saturday because I was too occupied with some other things. (Mind you, I was reminded a day before this and yet my brain didn’t have memory space for it.)

So I get very detail in updating my homeschooling post. (And yet in some area I am still not detail enough.) Having said that, each post I need to edit up to 100+ pictures which putting me off from updating them. I am thinking to update them in piecemeal but then still in Thinking-in-Process mode. How I wish I have better camera, better photo taking skill and better software to edit pictures.

Yvette was down for the past one week and we didn’t do much home learning last week. I never plan to do any for this month too. I want to enjoy the year end and Christmas holiday. We can’t go out of town but I wanted to go Zoo, Jurong Bird Park (due to Penguin) and even to Universal Studio in this month but the weather is not in permitting us to go ahead.  Perhaps I should let Yvette skip school in the morning and since it only rains in the afternoon.


Although, there won’t be much plan for homeschooling, I hope I will have time to do some crafts about Christmas and reading books related to Christmas too with Yvette. I hope but so far we only set up the tree, doing reading but no craft.


Although Yvette is “fit” for school, but I still hear her coughing and she only coughs in the middle of the night and is affecting her sleep.This is the longest period she ever fell sick and I hope she will be stronger after this.

Ok, I have side track to much and here the lesson plan for the past 3 weeks.


~Yvette is 2 years 5 mths & 6 mths~

Lapbook Topic 3: Hello Ocean


I was inspired to do this topic because we found a good book about animals in the sea. (I will share about this book later in this post.) As it is very a wide topic to cover; we decided to focus on Crab in more details.

I took the learning material from this site. Again I didn’t use everything provided, I google and find other learning materials from various sites which beef up our learning activities in my context.

Field trip is something I find missing when doing lapbook with Yvette. In first lesson, I could have bring Yvette to Bird Park. Second lesson plan, we could have gone to Farm and the current one we could go to the bench. But nevertheless, without that, we are still doing fine. Hopefully if time permits, we could have some field trip for our lesson.

This is our lapbook and we took 2 weeks to complete. (The third week is meant for revision.)

Lesson Plan 3 (4)

I heart the cover page this round. I would say 85% to 90% was Yvette’s effort. I only help her to do some touch up in some area that she didn’t paint. We used a sponge to paint the sea and the paint brush for the sea bed. I brought a packet of sticker for her to paste over her work.

Lesson Plan 32

Song – Slippery Fish


I found this song appropriate (while googling for materials) for learning theme. There are few versions on Youtube but I chosen this and download it into her iPod Touch for her. However, the little lyrics I created in this lapbook is really too small. I should have created a A4 or a B5 card for her. Anyway, this song is not of her liking. She never pay much attention to it. And whenever, I try to play on iPod for her, she will switch them off.

I heart this crab too.  After reading so many craft posts on blog, I finally “created” a crab of our own. Yvette loves it too. We also chanced up a pet shop that sell hermit crab. We were very surprise but then we were equally happy because we could show it to Yvette.

I also showed Yvette how we could walk sideways. That made her laugh!

Lesson Plan 3 (5)

Lesson Plan 31

She didn’t give me much attention when I try  to recite the poem to her and teaching her Sea Gulls. And the sandcastle was my effort too. But she loves turning the Circle booklet. And doing Maths never fail to gain her attention. She loves those activities associate to this subject. Master counting 10 by 10 after doing this activity.

Lesson Plan 3 (6)

We learn Ocean in Chinese via this Big Book I brought long ago and this puzzle. I brought 2 toys (a puzzle fro Kiddy Palace and the Sea Animals Figurine from a shop at Turf City) for this topic. The quantity of puzzle improve. It is bilingual now! She learnt a new shape – Sector, 扇形. I took the clam shell back from the JuJu Hokkaido Hot Pot and brought a paper fan for her too.


And I did a lot of cards for new words this round.


We read several books for this topic and they are:

Lesson Plan 3 (3)

Hello Ocean by Pam Munoz Ryan and Mark Astrella is beautifully written. This book is a stunning combination of scientific fact, poetry with lyrical text and bright, clear pictures of a little girl explores the treasures of the ocean through her five senses. (Text extract from the back of the book.) And this book provides one of the best description about an ocean.

Lesson Plan 3 (8)

But as of now, it is too difficult for Yvette. Yvette doesn’t like this book and barely lift her eye on it. However, this gesture is not putting a stop on me to revisit this book again. I might even buy it for Yvette.

Big Animals in the Sea by Jo Windsor is a catch. Yvette loves it so much and it was always picked up by her to read. It is a easy book with only 9 words in the book. But because it is so simple to understand, Yvette could remember the 6 big animals in the sea in her brain very well now.

Lesson Plan 3 (7)

My Home is the Sea ~ Who Am I? by Valerie Tracqui is fact book. It talks about how these sea animals live in their habitual with only 2-3 sentences.

Lesson Plan 3 (10)

A walk on the beach by Jo Waters encourages children to explore their environment to gain knowledge and understanding of the things they can see, smell, heart, taste, and feel. A simple book as compare to Hello Ocean.

Lesson Plan 3 (11)

Tip Tap Went the Crab by Tim Hopgood was our favourite. We like it so much. After reading this book for 3 weeks;  this book is still in our house and we are still reading it. It is a counting story that count from one to ten with a little crab on her sideways walk into the deep blue sea.

Lesson Plan 3 (9)

On the whole I did we cover much more than expected. But there is something that is easy and worth doing, I missed it out.


Geography: Learning Country using Lapbook: Croatia

Lesson Plan 3 (13)

I wanted to do Czech Republic  but I couldn’t find the National Bird and flower of this country. As I still want to focus on Europe Continent, so we did Croatia. Yvette took it well too.

Step by Step Reading Plan for Yvette

To us, Yvette is doing well. We are at Book 3 now. Here the post that I manage to video down her reading.


There will be part 2 coming.

Stay tuned!


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