Our First Christmas Tree

Although both of us are Non Christian, but we do enjoy Christmas very much. Many years back, D wanted to set up a Christmas Tree at home but the “drive” was just not there.

After having Yvette, the thought came back again. However we have been procrastinating this “idea” till today.

We were efficient today. We took less than 1.5 hours to shop for the tree and the ornament.I believe it is due to there is too many choices in the market. However to keep our tree simple and easy to manage, we decided on the Purple Colour Theme for this year. (In fact we have decided to change the colour of the ornament  everyday.)

Here are some pictures I took today on setting up our first Christmas tree.


Yvette is supervising D!

We placed this tree near to Yvette’s kitchen so that she could admire it as she cooks. (Actually our house is running out space. That is the reason why we have a small tree.)


The tree does look "naked" to me. Need to buy more oranments!



13 thoughts on “Our First Christmas Tree

  1. At least you get to set up the tree! We have a tree and can’t set it up as J is sensitive to dust, sigh… Perhaps when he is older… Meanwhile enjoy the tree and festivities! 🙂

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