Update About CC and Yvette’s Progression #3

I sent Yvette to School with a heavy heart this morning.

As she has never missed school for more than a week and I wonder would she cry when she is left there by me upon reaching school. I am worry because just before we were out, she got upset in the morning and cried out she didn’t want to go school.

Surprisingly, my worry was uncalled for.

I am glad Yvette has accepted the fact on going to school will be part of her life and she fully understand she need to go back once she is well. And most importantly, I know she loves school.

It never easy to choose a right pre school for a child. Too many factors to consider and so far, this school is still up to our expectation.

Yvette certainly does benefit from the curriculum. Her Chinese has improved so much. Not much of the Ang Mo accent from Yvette when she communicates in Mandarin. She could do a proper conversation with my FIL without incorporating any English words. No lack of Chinese Vocabulary. I am so happy with this.

On Learning

I know she loves the Singing Session. Every time she learn something new, she will definitely hum about it. Today the school taught her “Nobody!”


She also learn games associated to Song. She arranged these chairs at home and sang Musical Chair.


I didn’t received last month news letter from her main teacher (English). I could only update her learning in Chinese.

儿歌 –  我爱洗澡, 一个拇指动一动

语言活动– 哗啦啦,洗澡了

律动活动 –  我爱洗澡, 哈哈笑

However, I have all these “Art-work” from her cooking class on Friday. This is part of the “Enrichment” programme offered by the school and I know she likes it very much.

I couldn’t find the her work done on 24th Sept. 1st Oct is Children Day; No school.

Here is her work on 8th Oct.


No school on 15th Oct because Yvette was sick. Here is her work on 22nd Oct.


Here is her work on 29th Oct.


5th Nov, no school due to PH. And here her work on 12th & 19th Nov respectively.



On Behaviour

So far, not much negative feedback from the teachers except the followings:

  • She likes to put hand in her mouth.
  • She doesn’t feed herself much. Need teachers to feed.
  • She couldn’t sit still to focus much.

On Promoting to N1

I went for the N1 Curriculum  Talk on last Tuesday. I don’t think the talk covered enough information I want to know; such as the curriculum in details. But I am happy to find out she will have a new Chinese Teacher next year. Through the way she managed her talk, I am convince she will be a good teacher. Hopefully my judgement is right.

I will be attending a Parent Teacher Conference. This will be a meeting between us and the teacher to update Yvette’s progress as well as to plan for further learning strategies in the future.

This is a two way communication session. I have a form to spell out specific concerns I may have regarding  Yvette’s progress before the Parent-Teacher Conference so that they can address them accordingly.

I will pen down the above in the form and submit to her teacher on next Monday.

Looking forward for this session.


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