The Magic Ocean 奇幻海洋


Come on an underwater adventure down below The Magic Ocean!
Swim with fish great and small, or take a walk sideways with the friendly crab and starfish! Hide in a large clam shell, or peacefully glide through the sea with turtles and ride the rolling waves up and down. Once in a while, you might have to flee from the fearsome shark!

In this theatrical experience specially designed for 2 – 4 year olds, children will discover a magical world through visual stimulation, music, shadow-play and interaction as the ocean comes alive before their eyes.

More details here.


Anyone interested to go together?

There will be 15% discount for package of 4 tickets and 10% discount for 2 tickets. Tickets are required for all patrons (including infants in arms).

This show is 40 mins, with no intermission. Performed in Mandarin.


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