Having Breakfast @ HDB Hub

Seeing Yvette is recovering from her illness, we decided to bring her out this morning for breakfast. We wanted to have something “special” and decided to go Delifrance at HDB Hub.

Though the breakfast is nice but not filling, we decided to bring Yvette to HDB Gallery before decide what should we eat next.


The entrance of the gallery is just beside Coffee Bean. And before we walked down the stairs to the gallery, we were mesmerized by this piece of art made by the tiles.


The tiles were filled with heartfelt wishing by the public to commemorate HDB’s 50 Years of Public Housing. It’s indeed a masterpiece.


In this gallery, it covers full history how HDB transformed our home from Kampong to Flats and what our future of public housing will be. (Read more here & here.)

HDB (2)

HDB (3)

HDB (4)

HDB (5)

It is interactive, enriching and full of “fun”. Even Yvette loves it so much.



Admission is free.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 5 pm

The HDB Gallery
Basement 1, HDB Hub
480 Lorong, 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310480

Worth giving it a visit if you do drop by Toa Payoh once in a blue moon.

Before we left HDB, we saw all these work art exhibit near the lift lobby. It was all drawn by primary school student and I would say they really can draw very well.


The winning piece


My favourite


The youngest winner - only Pri 2

Our morning was not really filled with food but our soul is definitely enriched by all these interactive platform and the art.


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