No String Attached

While many tots at Yvette’s age will have somehow attached to one cartoon character or like any musical show like Hi-5, Sesame Street; Yvette likes nothing.

As the malls are so much alive in this Dec, I am thinking shall I bring her to watch  some shows (some blogs mentioned the shows quality go up.) but a test on 26 Nov put me off. She wasn’t keen even I tell her Barney on stage. (Oh, Barney is the only character she knows for the longer time.)


She is more interested playing toys in ELC than watching Barney!

I guess one of the reasons is she is not expose to any TV programme although she knows Thomas, Barney, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Pooh Bear, Care Bear, Dora & Doraemon etc, but she never get excited when she see them.

But recently she does get a little excited when she sees or when I passed her this tiny soft plush which I named it as “Angel Bear Bear”. It was given by Dr Teo’s wife back in the clinic when Yvette was crying. It manage to give her a sense of comfort when she need most at that moment, I guess.


She been talking to this  little  Bear. It is funny to hear her using my word to talk to the bear. However her love to this tiny little non-living thing is not to the extend of reluctant to let go.

So I guess, not till she grows older, perhaps another half a year old or more, I won’t get my chance queuing for the show. (Actually I don’t like to queue for such show and I think I will only queue upon her request and might get D involve!)


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