Not the Bite Anymore?

Gosh! I never experience I need to feed Yvette so many types of medicine.


It all started with just 5 painful bites on her limb and then I started these two oral medication to counter the itch and swelling.

Polarax syr –> For Itch

Leftose syr –> swelling

High fever kicked in on Saturday night.

Bifen & Parmol (Alternate them every 3 hourly)

Then Chills. Running nose. Sore Throat. All came on Sunday.

Polarine Syr –> Running & Block Nose

Phenexpect CD –> Cough

(Note: Polarax syr –> Can be medication for Running & Block Nose too)

Fluimucil Granule –> Phlegm

Leftose syr –> Can be medication for throat inflammation and phlegm too.

Now, blame it on the change of weather then? Or she got it from CC? Perhaps her immunity system is not that robust now? Not the bite anymore? I got back the urine test. Result proven the blood, the protein are all negative. But the count test of the urine is not out yet. It is most likely there isn’t any infection.



Yvette is kept at home for the past 3 days. I have not decided to send her back to school tomorrow. Her voice has yet came back. Perhaps Friday then….


Picture taken on Tuesday



Picture taken Today


Sometimes I am glad I am still a SAHM.


5 thoughts on “Not the Bite Anymore?

    • Yeah, she is still active. She was on her 3 wheels – the second picture. She insisted I pushed her to the clinic with her 3 wheels.

      Although she is active, sadly she lose some weight.

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