Something We Wound NOT Expect Out of a Bite!


Saturday night @ the clinic

I should have be more vigilant. I shouldn’t wait for D for a join decision to bring Yvette to the clinic. Oh well! I guess that was also due to there was no school on Friday and we were out too.

Anyway, these bites turned out to be more harmful than I expected. While having dinner on Saturday night, Yvette started to display signs of unwell. She started not wanting to eat her favourite Tamago Sushi and then totally didn’t want to eat at all.

Since she was sitting beside me, it was not difficult for me to feel the heat coming out from her body. “She was running a fever.” I said.


We wanted to get a cab home but it was not easy to get one from City Square Mall. So we took the shuttle bus provided by the mall back home. On our way home, I saw Yvette’s GP, Dr Teo closing his (front) clinic door. (The clinic close on 9.30 pm on weekend.)

Thinking we might have chance to let Dr Teo to examine Yvette, we called the clinic. Sadly no one picked up our call. I still didn’t want to give up. I told D to try the back door as we walked toward his clinic and fortunately they are still around and he was willing to see Yvette.

Fever was at 39.4 degree!

Insert a suppository, given some medication and then we went back home. Back home, she must be feeling really bad, Yvette threw tantrum for an hour! And indeed, Yvette fever subsided within half an hour as expected. Finally she was tired and spent some quality time with D and she dozed off.

Her fever came back very early in the morning today but then with a dose of Bifen, she was fine again. The whole day she was “well”. We post phoned her swimming class so that she could rest at home.

Fast forward to Sunday Evening.

As we thought everything should be fine, the high fever kicked in again. 39.4 degree again. We rushed back home from my mum’s place and went for doctor review again. There are new symptoms again. Coughing, running nose, sore throat all kick in.


Was it coincidental?

Anyway we decided to do a urine test for Yvette on Monday which is tomorrow  and to find out how much the bite is affecting Yvette.


8 thoughts on “Something We Wound NOT Expect Out of a Bite!

  1. Thanks all the well wish.

    It is quite bad actually. The fever keeps kicking in every now and then. Not sure it is infection or not. Need to wait for result and there might be further test.

    She didn’t sleep well too. Last night the fever kicked in and she kept calling for me. Think for a good 3-4 hours she was not sleeping and I was not sleeping too.

    I hope she will get well very very soon.

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