Ants Ants Crawl Crawl Crawl

Our biggest enemy in our household is ANT! (Some house has lot of cockroach, my SIL’s house got a lot of lizard.)

We been trying many ways to kill the ants but apparently all our efforts didn’t really yield great return. And not till yesterday I brought this house while getting Mosquito Liquid vaporiser.


Mortein selling at S$4.80 at NTUC. It is safe to use near food preparation and storage areas.  And it only need to be replaced once a month. This bait really useful.

We place 3 baits in the hall, in the kitchen table and my sister room. And this is what we saw this morning my my sister’s room.


The bodies of the ants and this made D very very high!

With this outcome, we certainly hope this will totally eliminate the ants in our household in long run!

P/S: This is not an advertisement. This is something I find effective and like to share how it kills all ants in our household.


2 thoughts on “Ants Ants Crawl Crawl Crawl

    • So far so good. Didn’t see ants on the floor anymore. Usually Yvette like to do a lot of activities on the floor and then I will see her busying killing ants! -.-!!!

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