Bites Worse Than Rash


These are two bites marking at the lower part of her limb

These bites are leaving Yvette in a great discomfort. I saw them this morning when she cried over it. None of us were bitten except Yvette. (We are sleeping on the same bed.) Seriously, I have no ideas she was bitten by which insects.

She is not someone who will complain much over itch or pain if it doesn’t her too much but these bites are too bad for her to bear now. She have been scratching them. A total of 5 spots since she was up from her late nap. Her GP is off this evening as such we couldn’t bring her there.

So we decided pulling out our water based vacuum to clean our bed and changed the entire bed sheet too. We also brought Shieldtox Mosquito Liquid vaporiser to kill these mosquito. Of course we have did a detail check in our house to ensure there isn’t any mosquito breeding in our house too.


Hope she will be better tomorrow. We will bring her to see the doctor if the swelling doesn’t subside.


8 thoughts on “Bites Worse Than Rash

    • Sadly, she was not ok.

      We brought her to see doctor on Sat afternoon and we experience fever on the same evening. Rush down to clinic at 10 pm (luckily the doc still want to see us although the clinic already close.)

      On Sun, thought everything was fine. Then again her fever shoot up in the evening again. We rush to clinic again. (Scare will be Dengue. But I know the symptom is not “right”)

      Then again, we decided to do urine test but will only submit her specimen today.

  1. hope she is fine… just to share that my girl will also have this type of bites when something bites her… all swollen up and itchy…

    just happen to chance upon your web and it’s very useful… giving me more ideas on how to spend my time w my girl… 🙂

    • Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for telling me you face the same situation as me. Have you figured out which insect actually bite her?

      Glad to know that my site is useful to you. Do pop by often and leave me your thought.

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