Me Rejoining Work Force = Hiring Maid?

I never support to hire maid. I don’t like to have one at home but then I am in the situation I might need one. 😦

I firmly believe with only Yvette, both of us could cope well with all the housework and including coaching her at home. We can even have home cooked food every night provided I am not require to stay back for closing. But then I have to make provision for my FIL.

Currently we are not only the sole caregiver to Yvette, we look after our almost blinded FIL too. I cooked his breakfast, buy him lunch and serve him dinner at night. If I go back to work, who is going to look after his meal?

Of course, with maid, I have additional pair of hand but not until we hire one, I won’t know this pair of hand is going to help me or giving me more problem.

I also don’t want Yvette growing up evolve around maid. I don’t want the maid to take care of her need. She will have the impression that she can ask the maid to do things. It is not good for her growth.


What should I do? Any suggestion for me?


11 thoughts on “Me Rejoining Work Force = Hiring Maid?

  1. hi sunflower,

    just to share…
    i hv a 21mth old and a 6 mth old, and only had a maid for first time when my second baby came along to help w the housework. we hope not to need her when my kids r old enuff to go presch n i go back to work. 😛

    i think as ur girl is at childcare, there is not much worry that ur maid will be maincaregiver, it will stil l be u and ur hubby.

    it is just to tide over this period as u hv an ill elderly at home, and will free u of housework, for other more important tasks like teaching ur girl, hv ur own time etc etc.. . else u might not hv quality time w ur kid and will be burnt out with work, housework, and more…

    just my 2 cents…

    • Hmmm, my SIL also said the same thing.

      But the problem is, my FIL doesn’t like this idea too. (In the past, we brought up to him. But that was before the situation turn worst for him.)

      I wonder will he accept this round too…:(

  2. So then how? Must cook all the food ahead of time and put in crockpot and ask him to take himself to eat? I used to do that when FIL lived alone with me (no maid and MIL went on trip with dh). FIL didn’t want – when I came back, he didn’t even touch the food – say he eat bread(!!!).

  3. After that one week, he really did fall sick! But then the reason he didn’t want to eat the food I prepared for him initially was also probably bc he was falling sick. He was often in/out hospital for the 3 years before he passed away bc of damaged lungs from years of smoking.

  4. Suggest put yvette full day n if financial allow put fil in full day care. Bring both of them home in evening. Look for a less demanding job such as stat board so tat can leave early ? Just some thots. My gal grew up under maid’s care which given another chance i prefer to take care of her myself.

  5. I don thk I can provide u a gd solution as my situation more jia lat.maid run away….

    But I thk u need one.agree with jnj,if Yvette in full day cc,don thk maid is main caregiver

  6. Hey Ladies, Thanks for all the pointers.

    Actually there are ton of issues to deal with.

    The best solution is yes, I don’t work. But then seeing Yvette could cope in CC and to lighten Hubby’s load, I feel I should go back to work. It is always to keep more money for emergency and further educational cost.

    It hard for me to get part time job. A lot of recruitment firm ask me to work full time. Even some of the jobs I applied (less responsible role), they find me over-qualified.

    Again, I am in the situation again that I couldn’t conceive easily. Hmmm, I thought second baby should be easier? Some ppl told me that maybe I am still bf but then no one can guarantee if I wean (expense) Yvette off, I can get pregnant. Seeing TMC next week. Sigh

    Yvette will never under care of maid. She will go full time CC because one thing, the cost difference of full time is S$30 bucks with additional subsidiary from govt. The maid is really for FIL and she will not be going anywhere with us. But then it has been 2 years, his kids had proposed maid to him, he always says no. So how? 饿死算了?Even catering he also don’t want. !@#$#$%^&

    Oh well, this is life!

  7. Difficult situation. I like crystal’s idea to put your FIL to full day care at a centre where he can have some company as well. Not sure if that service is available for your father’s condition. Then as crystal says, you can bring both Yvette and FIL home in evening. This allows you to work without having a maid.

    But having a helper is also beneficial if you need extra hands. Yvette is close to you and in cc so no worries that she would be attached to helper. And it’s also possible to teach children that they should do their own housework too. I grew up with helper from 6 years old but can do my own housework for periods of time when no helper. I’m sure you won’t have problem teaching Yvette the right values.

    • Actually this is one of our option too. But sending FIL to day care have disadvantage too.

      Hubby just received “a task” to travel to and fro to Perth for half a year. So if I am the one left in the household, that will be too much work. Nvm on the too much work, but it will cause delay of Yvette’s dinner.

      Yeah, I think I worry too much on attachment and right values. 😀

  8. Possible to get work-from-home job or start own home-based profession? The latter needs good networking and entrepreneurial skills. I know experienced accountants who work from home.

    It’s possible to teach a child to be independent and appreciative even with helper at home. Most important thing is to get a reliable helper who doesn’t add to headaches.

    As for conceiving, it’s easier when younger. Age is a major barrier. Also, risks increases with age.

    All the best!

    • Hey, you know I am missing you? I was about to drop you a mail checking on your status and I saw your comment.

      Still not possible for me to get home based job. (I can’t find any suitable.) Maybe I am an accountant I always did “cost vs benefit” analysis. I can’t start out my “own” because I am not local CPA. And moreover I have very poor PR skill. Trust me!

      I always have conceiving problem. It took us 5 years to have Yvette. Of course I know I am older now mean my chance is slimmer!

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