Good Deal for Dr Seuss’ Book @ Borders

I went facial today and happen to pass by Borders. Since I was early for my appointment, I decided to walk in to check out any good deal for Yvette.


I marched straight to Children Department, (I only got time to roam around this department) and I found this. I been searching high and low for Sea Animals Figurine where I found some at The Better Toy Store. In Borders, they have so much choice and they are selling around S$15 to S$25.


This puzzle was left on the floor when I spotted it. It’s more interesting than the one we had at home.


I walked in further to the book department and I did a quick browse on any promotion for books. And I found these.


Yes. Dr Seuss’ Book is having promotion. 3 for the price of 2. Since we don’t have book related to seaside creatures at home, (we are doing Ocean Theme now), I decided to get Clam-I-Am for Yvette. It’s really a very interesting book.

While making payment at Counter, I checked with the cashier when this promotion end. He never gave me a specific date but he told me this is a Christmas Promotion.

So I think it won’t end too soon.


6 thoughts on “Good Deal for Dr Seuss’ Book @ Borders

    • We are not really big fan too.

      Calm-Am-I and If I ran the rainforest are totally not the same. They are fact base. Not much of repetitive although “the-same-old-style” remain.

      Some Excerpt of If I ran the rainforest:-

      “Buttress roots grown
      above ground like a fan
      to keep tress from falling
      That is Nature’s Plan”

      And they introduce many big jagon too.

    • You better go, I find really a deal that we can’t miss.

      Get ready the list of the books you want to buy. Some might not be on the display table, ask the staff.

      I found Go, Dog, Go! under the table!

      Hehe.. because I really want to get that book. So I search for it!

      • Hey I never knew that Borders stocked Safari toy figurines! We’ve been going all the way to Vivo to get those figurines. Jude loves them. At least now I know Borders has them, did you get them from Wheelock or Parkway?

        Also, we do have quite a few ocean related stories as Jude loves animal books. I could lend you some when you come my place for the crop! 🙂

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