Tot Learning Lesson Plan (17th Oct to 6th Nov 2010 ) – Part 2


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The second part of our lesson plan covered plenty of activities and mainly on books. That’s because Yvette really loves to do activity books.

Pre-writing and Other Activities Related to Letter B

Pre-writing activity worksheets for Letter B

Lesson Plan 2 (10)

Colouring Activity which she dislike it this round. (She keeps asking for Apple Tree.)


My sister joined her in one session of colouring using paint. She was so busying playing with paint and totally not interested in getting her work done!

page - painting butterfly

And here is the Maths pattern we did for Letter B.


Not forgetting Kumon!

Lesson Plan 22 (2)

On Learning Chinese

We continue reading 明明 series on iPod Touch. We are at book 5 – 小鱼.


There are the characters we learned and revised. We also continued revisiting those words we learned from JGC too.

Set 1 – 我的身体 Set 2 – 反义词

I am happy Yvette had learned to apply the words I read aloud to her in her daily life conversation. She goes “我高高兴兴地去买东西.” This proven reading aloud is effective. From this book – 奇怪的礼物, she learned 奇怪 – strange, 礼物 – present and she does understand the meaning too.

On Learning Maths

I have never plan this. This is a bonus. I found out she like to do maths because I always left the activity books around after reviewing them. I brought this activity book for only S$2 last year.

Look at this piece of work, nothing special?

Oh well, I do read about although tot could recite number that doesn’t mean they really know what they are counting. Even they could count, they might not get it correctly.

For this piece of work, Yvette didn’t really count (as in using her finger to count the number of objects on the paper) except for the one right below the activity book in the collage and the worksheet beside it. By the look into the picture, Yvette could tell me the correct answer.

That doesn’t sound fantastic? But I will like to give her credit for it. Perhaps all these look easy to us, but I think it’s never easy for tots.

Lesson Plan 2 (8)

We also practiced writing 1 & 2 too.


I also found out she could recite 5 by 5. (From 5 to 100)


And we did the number puzzle from 1 to 20 too.



Learning Thru Play

Actually she really plays many many toys everyday. I am trying to pen down play that is more interesting (or planned)  rather than what she does everyday.

Fixing vegetable puzzle. However, this puzzle didn’t get her interest going.

Lesson Plan 2 (9)

Building a house using the wooden blocks.

page - house

I would like to introduce more threading and lacing to Yvette but then these two areas are something Yvette doesn’t really like. This is important as this activity requires a lot of control and a steady hand. Perfect practice for fine motor development.

Practical Life Skills

Practical life skill this round involve very much with the vegetable. Doing practical life skill enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Many people don’t realize how these skills affect a child. The development of fine and gross motor skills allows them to perform better in other, more academic and physical ways.

Pluck bean sprout. She is more interested in looking into her plant.

PA280088 - bean sprout

Pluck Spinach. We eat this vegetable every week. I will get her to help me every Sat now. Plucking of vegetable is very good for pincer grip. And removing the fibre strip from the spinach require more dexterity.


Removed seed from papaya. She kept holding on to her box of cereal while doing it. I am impressed she could finished removing those seeds with only one hand!!!


Pegging. She never like. She only tried once!


Button up. Great fun. Her favourite toy for these 3 weeks.

page - Button

Other Learning Activities

Learning using More About Starfall is a must for Yvette everyday.

I am really impressed she could sort 17 shapes all by herself. But she does have a problem recognising 五 and 正.


She loves anything to do with letters. We did some spelling too but I have forgotten what I have taught her.

Lesson Plan 2 (11)

She learned some concept words too and they are….


P/S: Before & After are from last lesson. Up & Down are meant for lesson 3.

She could differentiate left and right already!


16 thoughts on “Tot Learning Lesson Plan (17th Oct to 6th Nov 2010 ) – Part 2

  1. Jacob has a little bit of problem with 乌 and 鸟. Yes, some of the practical life skills not so interesting to a child. They don’t think it’s a game or fun at all. But if it IS part of a REAL activity, then yeah, they WILL do! haha!

    As for counting, I use the math cubes I bought quite a bit. And the montessori beads (bc those are already in fixed number of beads, and he recognises it, that’s why I insist on buying the standard colour and not strange colour deviations).

    Like if the picture shows one whole bunch of items (not straight in a line for eg), the toddler might get confused counting. So I ask JR to put one cube on each item in the picture. When he is done covering all the items, I ask him to connect them into a “train” (his favourite, lor). Then I ask him to count how many “cars” make up that “train”. Then I ask him to choose the number to put the train on (that’s the answer). *hehe* So, yes, when taught in different ways, the toddler can get it. And yeah, so he can do addition also. And can understand counting in multiples of tens with 10-bead bars. But I haven’t bothered asking him to do it independent of these physical aids. Now, I should go on to division & multiplication, yah? I think division is easier to illustrate. 😉

    • Yeah, I guess that is the reason Yvette didn’t like pegging.

      I wan to buy the maths cube, still in the KIV mode!

      Can teach me how to illustrate division? I think multiplication is easier.

  2. You don’t need to specially buy that type of math cubes. Any “counters” will do, right?

    Sorry – thought about the multiplication/division just now. Can do multiplication too, I guess, eg. give out 2 apples to 3 children is 2X3=6. Division is basically sharing. You have 6 apples and want to share among 3 children for example. So give one to each “child”(plate?) until no more, so 6divide by 3 plates = 2 each on the plate. This is actually p1 math already!

    • Jean,

      I got it form Motherhood spree. I find one shop in Paragon, ELM Tree, think can buy from them. They are selling at 9 plus. It abt the same I paid for my Kumon books.

      Of course, some spree in Motherhood is cheaper but you have to wait. (I mean the offer doesn’t come every now and then.)

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