Pizza Pazza @ Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Although we do like the food in IKEA but the queue to get the food is always killing. We have since dropped the idea having meals there. For our past 3 trips, we actually dine at Anchorpoint instead.

I have been wanting to try the Western Food in the Food Court and finally today my wish came true.


Yvette is not a pizza lover nor she loves spaghetti. Somehow she is very “Chinese”. She doesn’t like fries too. Whenever we were out for meal, most of the time, she will ask for noodle. (Fish ball noodle, Liang Duo Fu, etc) or we will be eating Japanese food then. Since I brought along her food this round, nothing is going to stop me. 😀

We ordered one spaghetti and one pizza and that cost us about close to S$20.


Dory Fish with spaghetti


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Look at the presentation and the serving, the food is really worth trying. It is really nice for our standard and we “forced” ourselves to finish them. (Haha, that was because we didn’t have lunch too.)


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