Ex-Colleague Gathering @ Kamado & Heaven’s Loft

I am blessed with a handful of friends.

These group are ex-colleagues of more than 7-8 years and we remained in touch since I left the company. (All of us had left except two of them are still there.) I won’t say they are really close friend like me and Stella, but they are someone who I can turn to if I really need help in some area.

Anyway, I went to the gathering with Yvette in tow!


This is the restaurant we had our dinner. Not many of us like the food. It’s too salty to our taste bud. And more over, it is expensive too. One of us just gotten a new job with good pay and she decided to give us a treat. And it ‘s located at 313 Someset #01-14.

The highlight of our meal was definitely not the food we had, but the dessert we were having after our meal. We went to Heaven’s Loft at Orchard Central for Ben & Jerry Ice Cream.

Yvette was fascinated taking the escalator up to the cafe. We took 3 long stretch of escalator up to our destination and Yvette like to do it all by herself.



Mama, don't hold me!

Finally we reached our destination. The ambience was fine. The lighting played a part to it to a certain extent. I liked the so-called open concept kitchen, which I thought that it certainly gave a more “homely” or personal feel to one. Yvette loves looking into it.


We were given a seat at the loft bar. It is place with a great view overlooking Orchard/Emerald hill area on the 8th floor. The place is very comfortable for big groups to chill out and chat. Wonderful choice of succulent tapas and great wines, relaxing in the late afternoon sun…

Obviously we were there for dessert and presentation of the dessert is beautiful and stylish. Yvette couldn’t take her eye off the cake and keep wanting me to go to the display fridge.




I ordered one cupcake for Yvette (as per her request) and then our group ordered some ice cream.


I can’t remember the price of each dessert we ordered but then obviously they didn’t come cheap. I think the above cost us S$19.90 but then most of us commented it is nice. I also don’t have the total bill because Yvette wanted to go home after she finished her dessert (the cupcake) and some ice cream.

I think I will visit Orchard Central more often. It seems they have a wide variety of food waiting for me to explore!


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