Activity Books from Dang Dang

I know we shouldn’t drill our child doing activity book again and again at home. But then surprisingly, Yvette loves doing them. I started with all these book at the period when I have no structured learning activity at home for her, we did all these.


In less than 2 months, she finished all the pages she could do and ask for more! That is the reason, I got Kumon for her too. But Kumon is really expensive. So I decided to try order from Dang Dang since I have been joining Doris’s spree for close to a year.

I finally received the activity books I order from the previous spree. This is not the first time I joined Doris’ Spree and she is running her 10th Spree in the forum now.

I really love the activity books from Dang Dang. I won’t say they have the best quality but then it is definitely worth better than the price I paid for it.  And here are my purchases.

IMG_0223 阶梯数学2-3岁 上(幼儿园、学前班适用)

阶梯数学2-3岁 下(幼儿园、学前班适用)


最新幼儿脑力大开发 -2~3岁

Dang Dang Activity Book

我来贴(第1辑,在家中,1-3岁,全6册)—发现世界益智游戏贴纸书 (MOST WORTH GETTING)






宝宝涂色: 2-3基础篇

宝宝涂色: 2-3岁提高篇





I only spent around SGD35 including shipping to get all these books and moreover when I click the link of some books that I have brought, the price went down. It’s really worth buying all these activity books from Dang Dang if your child is really into it.

P/S: This is not an advertisement. You don’t have to purchase from Doris. There are some other mummies that are running the same spree as her too in the forum.


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