SSO Babies Proms 2010


This is one of the worst concert I ever attended with Yvette. First I didn’t realize the system allocated the wrong numbering sequence tickets to us. Second, Yvette chose to throw tantrum toward the end of concert. While I was trying to coax her, and deciding what to do next. I was invited to leave the concert hall by the usher! 😦

The reason of her tantrum was to look for her papa. I didn’t take note it’s a public holiday today and D is supposed to be off. Thus I didn’t get a ticket for D. Big mistake! And she making a fuss and requesting to go toilet!

However other than this, I noted that Yvette had no problem recognizing those instruments which I had taught her. she learned two new instrument today; Cello and Double Bass. We were sitting in the first row and she was really enjoying herself for the first half hour. It’s the next 15 mins that we reached the worst moment for this concert!


It’s supposed to be an enjoyable and enriching…. Not too sure should I bring Yvette there again?


3 thoughts on “SSO Babies Proms 2010

    • Yeah, I thought so too. I would expect they will be expecting baby crying all the time. But then we were sitting right in front. I just too stress to thinking about this at that moment!


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