Me Attending Play Group Concert @ Yvette’s CC


None! Yvette was not performing.

I am there to view the performance of class A. (Yvette is in Class B and this class only started somewhere in August.) As Yvette was not performing, I was invited there to watch without paying. And because I (could be) the only SAHM from Class B; I am so free to go ahead with this invitation.

It was expected the little tiny tots will not be able to perform when they saw their parents. True enough, the hall (gym room) left two tots (out of 9) performing throughout.

As for Yvette, she was definitely to see me again. She didn’t stay with me throughout the performance. She was roaming around in their gym freely.

After the performance, the school gave us (parent) some refreshment to eat and I took some for my child and her classmate. We moved back to the classroom and all the tots from Class A went back home except one girl who her mum took only half a day leave.

I was allowed to stay there for the next 45 mins mainly due to the teacher ratio is now more than the student in class now. And is a day without formal lesson. A total of (I think) 7 students with 5 teachers!

I sat thru one singing lesson with my child and finally found out a song she has been singing at home with incomplete lyrics. She only keep humming “Bumble Bee”.

Here the song. I found two versions in YouTube.


I also found out who is the one that keep playing with saliva which Yvette picked up that “habit” from.

As I was around, I decided to let Yvette eat CC’s food. Today they have creamy soup with chicken rice, chicken and cucumber.  To be honest, CC food is really not “that” fantastic. I never give Yvette food in such combination. Maybe that is the reason she still doesn’t like CC food. Even I was around, she refuse to eat much too. I also spotted a few tots didn’t finish the food too.

After lunch, I changed Yvette so that we can proceed to meet D from CC instead of going home. While waiting for the time to pass, I gave Yvette some of her cereal and 4 tots including Yvette were eating quietly there.

No noise from them when they are eating something delicious ya! 🙂


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