Yvette: 2 yrs 6 mths (30 mths)

P/S: She turned 30 mths on 13th Nov 2010.


I thought I have to record “negative” progress in CC but Yvette chose to surprise us on week 7. She no longer cries. She will run happily to her classroom and wave goodbye to me. Her mood is always good when it’s time to go home. However, sadly she does make up some bad habit like playing with saliva beside she already like to mouth stuff. Very high risk to HFMD!

Again, I can’t help but have to praise Yvette on her Speech Development. Many had heard her, even her teachers gave her plenty of compliments in this area. She could ask us questions after questions and she could express herself very well.

She is using Today and Yesterday in her speech but not so much of Tomorrow. (She learnt it from her school.)

Her questions could go on and on and here is one of a classic example of our conversation:

Y: Where Yeye?

SF: Gone hospital with Papa.

Y: Is Yeye sick?

SF: Sort of but on the road of recovery.

Y: What is recovery?

SF: It means Yeye’s illness is no more.

Y: Oh no more mean? Don’t need to go hospital? (Her understanding is very good too.)

SF: No, must but not as often.

Y: No more sick, then go hospital for?

SF: Check up.

Y: Why need to check up?

SF: Yeye old already. His health is not as good as us. So doctor need to check….

The above conversations didn’t end there. It go on and on.. till sometimes I have no more answer for her….We let her indulge in her questioning. She could pick up new vocabulary words and learn to phrase sentences accurately.

And sometimes, she could say something really sweet that melt our heart too.

On one Sunday, on the cab heading to my mum’s place; I don’t  know what made D said that to her and the conversation went like this:

D: Yvette, next time you grown up; you be vet to look after small animals.
Y: No. I want to look after papa and mama!
Immediately D told me he was so touched by her.


I share the same belief with this Mummy. Rather than raising a reader, I am keen to raise a learner. I believe a person who keen to learn should be able pick up very fast when they are ready.

And (as of now), I know Yvette is a rather fast learner! I started to lose track on words Yvette could read. Too much things she had  pick up over the months since our structure learning started at home. And her mini achievements for the last month are:

  • Good in number.
  • Could recite 1 to 100 in both English and Chinese.
  • Can count and could do simple Maths. Thru Starfall, She’s now can count 5 by 5 and 10 by 10 up to 100 with some help from me if she lost the thought of it.
  • Can do simple Maths. She really got great interest in doing Maths with me. She loves me teaching her Maths and doing Maths exercise daily!
  • Learn how to control mouse.


  • She loves to sing. And she loves to change the lyrics of the song too.
  • With ample of coaching from me and many round of reading daily (practicing), she could read more independently now. (Will post some videos later.)

On self care & practical life skill; she could feed herself more steadily. But there is no fixed place for her to eat dinner. She can eat anywhere in the hall or in the kitchen’s Table.


  • She could finish a packet of milk now. (Finally)


Other than self-feeding, she also had mastered all these skills(in summary) over the months:

  • zipping and unzipping bag
  • using scissors (still got room for improvement)
  • manipulating small objects such as coins
  • picking up and holding onto small objects
  • buckling and unbuckling especially on baby chair
  • manipulating buttons and snaps

Generally, she loves drawing, painting, and coloring & doing puzzles. And oh yes, after 3 good months of playing Sake and Ladder, she finally started to lose interest. HOORAY! We didn’t play as much now. Probably like once every few days. And I think my money is well spent.

Strangely, Yvette still doesn’t bother about the orientation of the book. Even the book is placed opposite side, she still read as it is. And surprising she could get them right too. I wonder how her brain works honestly!

Some interesting quirks and behaviours changes (and habits) are:

  • A sudden change. Scare of height. She never dare to go too high up on the playground without us now.
  • She could take escalator all by herself now. However, to avoid accident, I always stand in front of her to avoid fall.
  • For things that she doesn’t like to do, she will tell us she got no strength.
  • Sometimes her brain choose to work in a no logic way. She will wear her sock (by herself) and take her bag and tell me she is going to work.



I don’t deny in certain area, Yvette is advance but then there are plenty of room for improvement too. Both of us believe to develop her potential means to allow her to experiment and explore (with limits of course), ask her questions freely and try our best to answer her to build up her General Knowledge, engage her in imaginative play, encourage her creative juices to flow but never ever with any force.

Areas that she is weak at:-

  • She still doesn’t really like to walk. I let her sit on the stroller every morning and left the stroller there. That is the reason why I was impressed with her energy level when she could climb up all the stairs. I also envy parents with kid who like to walk because D and me can really walk a lot. (D could walk all his way from Chinatown to TPY at young age.) A 15 mins walk could easily end up 30 mins walk or even more. She will wander, make us angry and sometimes refuse to continue her journey.
  • She doesn’t have a good attention span to do some activities but I am impress she could multi-task at young age. But then still, attention span is very important. Please don’t think it is easy to homeschool her. NEVER! No tot is easy to teach. If you have one, congratulation to you.

Overall, it is a very challenging months that both of us find difficult to cope with Yvette’s tantrum, demands and nonsense….

P/S: I never have time to take her height and weight. Shall give this a miss this month.


5 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 6 mths (30 mths)

  1. I’m so impress with Yvette’s learning. She is really advance for her age especially in Maths. A lot of credit goes to you for your effort in homeschooling her.
    Ally loves the starfall website as well, she likes listening to them sing the songs for the vowels.
    You like kids who can walk? Feel free to borrow Max, at 16 months, he has fantastic stamina for walking and loves to walk. 🙂

    • I am impress over her liking toward Maths too. It seems she could pick up that quite fast with the right material.

      I find Starfall good and cheap. Did you purchase the additional version. Since you have Max at home, it make the investment worthwhile.

      Yes, I like kids who can walk a distance. Carry Yvette for long distance is almost impossible to achieve now. On borrowing Max, I guess running after him need a lot of my energy too ya! 😉

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