Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 2

I received an email from the school informing the following changes and the term and condition again.

From Term 1, 2011, half-hour classes will be S$28 per class and squad fees S$33 per week (this entitles the squad swimmer to up to three sessions a week). Our 10% discount for families with three or more children still applies.

1. Next term’s dates are:

Turf City: January 10 – April 3, 2011;

Holland Road: January 10 – April 2, 2011;

Tuesday & Thursday Squad & Half-hour Classes at Queenstown: January 11 – April 3, 2011;

After-school Classes at AISS: January 24 – March 30, 2011;

Sunday Squad & Half-hour Classes at AISS: January 30 – April 3, 2011.

2. Please let us know this term if you are returning next term. We can deduct up to two classes/sessions off your next invoice if you let us know this term when you are away next term. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT DEDUCT YOUR OWN HOLIDAY DATES FROM YOUR INVOICE ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT. THE FULL AMOUNT WILL NEED TO BE PAID, AND THEN UP TO TWO MAKE-UPS PER TERM CAN BE ARRANGED.

3. Two make-ups are allowed each term, if you let us know in advance if your child is not coming to the class.

4. Please read the Terms & Conditions on the website once again.

I didn’t know we are only allowed to to only 2 make-ups. I always thought they are highly flexible.


Yvette is waiting patiently for her turn to swim. Honestly, she has regressed but then it is normal as per her swimming instructor. As far as I am concern, I know she still loves this activity a lot and we are going to continue despite the fee increase.


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