A Day Full of Celebrations

Today  is our 8th years Customary Wedding Anniversary, Yvette Turned 2.5 yo and ……..

We didn’t have a very special celebration. In fact we were at home most of the time. We only went out around 5 plus in the evening.

We were supposed to meet our SIL for dinner but then the timing is hard to compromise. So instead of meeting them, we told them we shall get them food instead.

(Oh well, it is a free stay and we feel they shouldn’t spend so much money on food there. The meal there for each person is around or more than 50 bucks from breakfast to supper!)

We have our simple meal that sum up a simple celebration just 3 of us at Soup Spoon. My comfort food. Yvette had soup and some sushi, her comfort food we brought along.


After our simple meal, we headed to Metro to find Sea Animals Figurine but then I couldn’t find any.

It was getting late, we decided D should go and get food for my SIL’s family and I should head Taka to get the Fire Engine for Yvette. Ever since we gotten the Tomy car track, and got her 5 vehicles  (A Purple Bus, A Green Car, An Ambulance, A Police Car & A Taxi); it trigged her learning interest on transportation system. Now she started to point the road sign, the truck, and many other moving vehicles on the road to us. And from Starfall, she knows the fire engine is missing in her collection and been asking us to buy for her.

So I went to the Children Department in Taka to get her that and then moved to The Better Toys Store.

At The Better Toys Store, I really did find some Sea Animals Figurine but then they are expensive as expected. So after roaming around the store, I finally get a toy for motor skill. This toy is just plainly too cute for me not to buy!


As for Yvette, she was so busy with this Bead toy where she neglected her back at home.


She didn’t want to leave. But after much coaxing, she finally agreed to head Kino.

After an hour, this is what I manage to get for Yvette. More presents for Half Birthday? Hehe… excuse to get stuffs.


As for D, he gotten food and as well as a pastry cake and it really look impressive! And it taste delicious too. We are going to have another celebration!


We quickly left Orchard and make our way to MBS . It’s drizzling when we marched out of MRT station. Luckily we did bring along our umbrella.

I am so glad that we took public transport and this gave me a chance to view the amazing night view of Singapore River. I don’t think anywhere else in Singapore can we find this view. Its really awesome.

029 (2)

030 (2)

P/S: The above two pictures were taken by D’s iPhone yesterday.

From there we entered the third floor of the shopping mall. We removed the wet plastic cover away the stroller so that Yvette could sit on it again.

After 10 mins walk, we finally reached our destination and met the birthday Boy! Today we were back here again  to celebrate my nephew’s 23 birthday. Sometimes it’s so amaze that I have witness their growth. From a little girls & boy, (we are very close to my SIL’s family and her family was once living just opposite of us for more than 5 good years.) and now they are promising young adult!

Yvette was excited over the cake cutting “ceremony”. Perhaps my niece was right. She had attended several birthday celebration, she is more or less able to anticipate what is going to happen. Look at this video clip, it is so hilarious! I don’t expect she could do it honestly!


Lastly, here a nice picture of Yvette and her favourite (male) cousin! We have great fun in the hotel room!



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