Staycation at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Oh well, it is not really a stay.

My SIL got a free 3D2N stay from her boss and she let us have the access of the room first while she was still working in the office.

Sometimes it is unwise to let Yvette know we are heading out. She refused to nap and I only managed to get out of the house by 3.30 pm. (If I managed to coax her to nap, she will already sleep for 1.5 hrs. Oh well, lesson learnt.)

I took a train ride to my SIL office and to collect the hotel room key from her where D needs to bring FIL to the hospital. When I reached hotel, it was already 15 mins to 5 pm.

The (double) hotel room is impressive. It certainly gain a “WOW” from me.


That’s the bed. Sooooo comfortable! Yvette loves it!


The TV and the table. This TV is even bigger than what we have at home.


The Couch! Again it’s so comfortable till you can even take a nap there!

Guess what is behind this door?


It’s not a walk-in cupboard but a toilet! However, this door got no lock. So, if you are sharing room with colleague, you have to do the precaution!

MBS Stay 12

While I was taking picture of the room, Yvette was busying crawling up the bed, exploring all the stuffs.


I like this picture!

Since the rest of them are not here, I decided to bring Yvette to the Sky Park.

This is Yvette’s expression when she saw the Pool in the Sky Park. Soooo serious!


The SkyPark offers breathtaking views across Singapore. I almost couldn’t breathe. It is so spectacular which I think it is still an understatement. Sadly my Canon is dead again. However, even with Canon, I think I still couldn’t capture something as nice but then, you can always google to see nice picture of MBS ya!



This pool is at the end of one side. It is a for children. I think it is less than 80 cm


It is a habit I always pack additional clothing in my bag although I have packed a bag of clothing in another bag where it was left at home. (D was supposed to bring it here.) So, Yvette could go down to the pool without her swimming suit.


Her typical pose!


As this pool is located at 57th floor, the water and the surrounding are really really cold. We didn’t stay for long. We went back to the room for another round of clean up before I brought her out to get some food.


So comfortable on the bed!

We headed to the food court in the shopping complex for food. There isn’t much place for food seriously. There are still many cafe under renovation. And we wanted to have dinner together, so it’s unwise for me to get too much food now.

We had a plate of fried rice (while ordering I realised I actually didn’t take my lunch) and some dishes. That cost me S$4.70 and our orange juice is S$2.50. It is really expensive to eat there.


So hungry!

After filling up our stomach, I received call from my nephew informing me that will be reaching soon. So we headed back to the hotel to wait for them.


Why Papa so slow?

We waited and waited and waited till Yvette complained why took them so long to reach. And finally all of them arrived after 7 pm. Phew, I have made the right decision to fill up our stomach. If not  both of us will be very hungry while waiting for them.

We couldn’t find any place to eat. It was so packed everywhere and we decided to head Marina Square for dinner then.


Yvette surprised us that she could climbed up all the stairs as we walked from bus-stop. (Yes we took bus there because it’s so difficult to get cab too.) She barely walk much seriously. Lazy girl. After climbing up the stairs she posed for us before we entered the mall.


We had a sumptuous dinner at Dian Xiao Er before we went back to hotel to collect our stuff before we headed home.

P/S: We didn’t stay there. My FIL needs us to prepare all his meal for him.


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