Talking Clock

Today I went United Square with Yvette after her school to collect a book I brought online and look for Sea Animals Figurine. But I couldn’t find any in Toy R US and ELC (out of stock for ELC). I know I could properly get it from The Better Toy Store but I think it will be expensive. Anyone know where to get them? (I hope to get it by these two weeks for our homeschooling learning activity.)

Anyway, Yvette had great fun in Toys R US. She was roaming around freely while I was looking for toys. She played with balls, slide and some other toys that were easily access by her.



I manage to get some other things and on my way out to cashier, I saw this.


I will be excited if I saw this several months ago because the one I saw in Robinson was from Fisher Price which is not as good as this. But then not now. And I am not going to buy any such clock for Yvette. *Surprise* ops finger cross!

We brought this Talking Clock from NTUC Extra in AMK hub several months ago for my almost blind FIL. This clock really useful. It not only helps my FIL and this also brought out the learning interest on learning how to read time from Yvette. Since then she was really interested in learning time.


And with the help of this clock (again, we brought several months back), Yvette could refer to it when the “Talking Clock” announces the time at every hourly.


Our learning on Time doesn’t stop there. I have two other toys which I brought at very usual price (one is S$5 another one is about S$15) also aid in Yvette’s learning.



For now, Yvette could easily tell me the time on digital clock because we have been teaching her how to “decode” the 3 digit number to time on the digital clock and we are still working hard on the hand clock.

P/S: By the way, I saw this toy and I think it is a good buy now.



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