Tot Learning Lesson Plan (17th Oct to 6th Nov 2010 ) – Part 1


~Yvette is 2 years 5 mths~

I find 3 weeks is a good time line for all the activities I have planned and I am going to stick to it.

I think I over plan this round but then sometimes I just couldn’t stop. I seem to have many energy and I am able to self-motivate. And luckily  Yvette is always my supporter. She has so far (finger cross) never find our learning boring. However, I know she is not very keen in reading as compare to all the activities we did at home. This is the area I put in a lot of more effort and I hardly record here. (Perhaps I have a little high expectation on getting Yvette to read.)

I feel having a structure lesson plan is important to me at least because I can identify Yvette’s strength and weakness on learning. I know she is relatively good in learning numbers as well as maths (surprise), shapes, colours, concept, logic, fact (memory) but rather slow in learning words. Getting her to read is always a challenge but I know she is making great progress as we learn together.

A good teacher will be able to teach and inspire the student and I am trying to be one to Yvette.

Lapbook Topic 2: The Carrot Soup By John Segal


I took the learning material from this site and decided to change the title for this lapbook. Reason? Yvette loves that book too much. It is official a book we borrow again and again from the library since July. (Remember I mentioned there are 3-4 copies in TPY library.)  And as compared to The Carrot Seed, this book has more “substance”.  Again I didn’t use everything provided, I google and find other learning materials from various sites which beef up our learning activities in my context.

This is our lapbook and we took 2 weeks to complete. (The third week is meant for revision.)

Lesson Plan 2

I could find a suitable nursery rhymes in English but I think this rhymes – 拔萝卜and this hand sewed toy portray the idea how on how the carrot is being harvested. (Including giving Yvette an idea Carrot is root vegetable under the soil.) Doing this topic, I have learnt Carrots are so called biennial plants and only flower every two years.

A list of new words were introduced and I have decided to keep the meaning of the words there for future reference. (I should have listed down all the meaning in the little book.)


We really did a lot of activities this round and here they are:

  • We talk about life cycle of a carrot. I explained to Yvette Carrot is root vegetable and a activity about root vegetable. I even steamed the sweet potato to let Yvette try. (She has not been eating sweet potato after she turned 1 or 18 mths. I can’t remember exactly when.) I also explained the difference between the roots vegetable and plant vegetable and fortunately we have a chilli plant at home the explanation.

Lesson Plan 2 (2)

Lesson Plan 21

  • We talked about life cycle of the bean too and plant some bean to prove the theory in the book.  (Science)

Lesson Plan 22

Lesson Plan 2 (3)

  • The bean lead us to another activity. Sorting using tong and learn different types of bean. Yvette loves this activity so much and keep paying with it. She could match the word to the bean after second tries. (New words learnt are: – 豆,芸,kidney, soya, bean)


  • We talked about carrot size and Yvette learned Small, Medium, Big thru puzzle too.

Lesson Plan 2 (4)

  • We identify what is fruit and vegetable. This is a very interactive learning and it is good for them to learn the classification. So now whenever we are at the market or supermarket, I will start to throw question to Yvette. Fruits or Vegetable? Constantly inputting knowledge in our daily life helps to simulate her mind. And she takes this activity quite well.

Lesson Plan 21 (2)

  • We identify the vegetables that begin with letter C. I told her what is the basic essential a plant needs to grow as we watered the plant everyday. We also did some maths pattern using the material provided by the site. I wanted to explained the difference between plant and tree (first picture of this post) through puzzle to Yvette but Yvette was not keen to find out. Well, I shall leave this for now.

Lesson Plan 2 (5)

We only read 3 books for this topic.

Lesson Plan 2 (6)

Carrot Soup by John Segal, The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and a reference book – The life Cycle of a Bean.

Let me not share too much about the book – The Carrot Seed. I believe this is a timeless classic that has been known and loved by children and parents for years.

But I would like to share first few pages of Carrot Soup where I highlight the illustration, the text of this book have more substance.

Lesson Plan 2 (7)

Lesson Plan 21 (3)

There are still many I can do. But I guess it is really too much for now.

Geography: Learning Country using Lapbook – Belgium

I am weak in Geography. I hope by starting early with Yvette, she could at least won’t struggle with it much later in her studies. I remembered I got 49 marks in one of my Geography Exam and my former teacher passed me by giving me one more mark. That so nice of her!

Again, I just need her to learn the flag. Or maybe the spelling in long run.


I usually leave the flag card on this white table so that we can easily revise them.

Step by Step Reading Plan for Yvette

I am not too sure Yvette could recognise all the words but then I am sure with the help of the illustration, she could read the book easily. And she also began to take note words ending with “s” and read them (not all but I can see her effort) correctly.


There will be part 2 coming.

Stay tuned!

Read part 2 here


7 thoughts on “Tot Learning Lesson Plan (17th Oct to 6th Nov 2010 ) – Part 1

  1. Hi Yvette’s mummy,
    I also want to teach my girl about geography but don’t really know where to start besides the country flag, the cities… would you care to share what other info that I can teach besides those that I’ve mention above and also would like to know where do you get the puzzles? My girl is 4 years old.

    • Hi Rebby,

      I am working on the flag now too. Soon I will touch on animals and as well as cities. But for more you can refer to this site. I love how she teach Geography.

      Her girl has just turned 4.

      I think material like storybook, world map, or you can put everything in folder just like me, I do it on the lapbook; will help.

      You can get puzzle from Early Learning Centre. I find not bad. Don’t need to get from Amazon if you dont join any spree.

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