Step 101 @ California Fitness

I have been member of California Fitness since year 2006 and upgraded myself to infinity member since 2007. I have been heading gym at least 3x or sometimes even 4x per week till I finally conceived when I was 29. Since then I have never hit gym but I am still maintaining my membership.


The huge investment cost (which already a sunk cost to me) I have paid several years back in 2007 put me in better budget effective management. I only need to pay S$88 bucks with GST per year, I can go to any branch of California in Singapore and even overseas.

After sending Yvette to CC, I have been setting this  as my short term goal and finally I went today.

It have been a long long time since then. I have not hit gym for more than 3 years.

Since my body is already aching all over due to the ride last Friday, I decided to take this “opportunity” to hit gym. And I am lucky enough, there is a session of Step 101 in Novena branch at 10.30 am.

I am a Stepper and I only like to do Step. I did Advance Step with Collin in California before I finally stop. In term of speed, turn and twist, I am really good in it. However since 3 years are not a short period, I decided to do Step 101 before moving up to advance again. Taking baby step is essential in building our stamina and the moves.

I have not totally forgotten the Steps as I grooved in the studio. I just need to pick up the cue and the speed again. I wasn’t really bad after all. But then, I only realised my shoes had already worn off when I was my way to gym. The whole sole had came out as I did my Step. What a terrible stage???


After the class, I went to get myself a new pair of shoes and I gotten this pair from Reebok (20% off for UOB card) and I worn it back home. (I haven’t get myself any pair of running shoes or training shoes since 2007. The last pair  of shoes were given by one of my friend in California, long long ago.)


I hope I can go back again next Monday since I have already invested a new shoes but then there might be some changes in my own schedule.

Let see.

P/S: Here is a video clip of Step Aerobic if you have no idea what is it.


4 thoughts on “Step 101 @ California Fitness

  1. this shows u have not been using that pair of sports shoes for a long time 😛

    I have this same experience b4 when i was doing teambuilding in Malaysia.. Jump jump halfway sole came off.. its SOooo Embarssing.. lol

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