Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 1

Yes! We are back! According to Wendy  (swimming instructor) of Marsden, they has long wait list and we are in the priority wait list due to ex-student.

I am always question by most people around us when they found out Yvette has been in the swimming class for a year and still couldn’t really swim well. My reply is always standard. We don’t practice. To go public pool with Yvette is never an easy task. Without D’s help, it is very challenging!

And so are we not wasting our money?

No! Learning to swim is a process not a rat race. I don’t need her to master fast. I just want her to enjoy! And been in pool to help her in learning how to swim is a pleasure!

Today it’s her first lesson after a term break! It was so fun! During the mat time, there was a tot stood on the mat and danced instead of walking toward the end of the mat and jumped down!

As for Yvette I know she was having great fun too!



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