Random Musings & Thought: Being a Parent

I am quite disgusted over the recent murder case. (Let me not provide any link because I didn’t want to attract traffic for this post. It is not meant to be.) I am sure everyone is talking about it. A lunch time topic and even housewives is talking about it. (I overheard some conversation in my recent market trip.) It is sad to see a young man died at such circumstance.

It never easy to be parent. Everyone agree.

My heart goes out to the family of the victim and also to the family of the 4 youths especially to their parents. Reading this article – Sacrifice is not Love! makes me think again how to be a good parent.

Then again, what is the benchmark of being a good parent?


2 thoughts on “Random Musings & Thought: Being a Parent

    • Yeah, I saw Ally. She look exactly like you.

      I bet you saw Yvette but she was with my SIL and niece. We went inside the shopping mall where I got to see your dd. It ok we miss each other and I am sure we will meet again.

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