A Relaxing Morning

I am happy to have a morning for myself.

I was away home for 2.5 hours. I went to Canon to collect the camera and then went Vivo for some shopping. No repair cost is to be paid since the camera is still under warranty.

I headed Southaven for some clothing. I like clothing from Southaven. It has been my all time favourite for many many years. Comfortable yet trendy. It been a long time I since get anything for myself. (So long till Stella commented I always wear the same bottom!!! o_O)


Then I proceed to Page One to look for some books for Yvette. Sadly I didn’t manage to find any. I have my comfort food for lunch before I went back to fetch Yvette.

My Everyday life (2)

What a relaxing morning? I wish I can have more doses of this!


8 thoughts on “A Relaxing Morning

  1. It’ll be early lunch for many years for you then … and looking for shops that are open early early. ;D I enjoyed having early lunches for years bc of the kids’ school let-off times.

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