Our Hundred Board

I paste sticker on the square and now they become a hundred board. This is good for Yvette to sit down to build concentration since she already knows 1-100 and to get the sequence right.



16 thoughts on “Our Hundred Board

      • Actually I am also not sure if he can recognise quantity. He seems to be able to – visually and sometimes he says verbally, but when he assigns a number to the quantity, he often gets it wrong – like he just reaches out to anyhow pick a number bc he just wants to get the “game” over with.

        • I haven’t get the 100 cubes you got from that site. (Another one cheaper de.)

          Perhaps baby doesn’t like number for now. Maybe will have improvement later.

  1. oh, you mean the number/math cubes? Oh, I wasn’t quite referring to that. More like a quantity/numbering game. I should get dh to play with him and then go “yippee yay yay!” with him instead.

  2. Oh, i wouldn’t care about the handwriting. I write with those thin post-it notes these days for temporary labelling too! But I was thinking about the chore of writing out those numbers. haha!

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