Half A Day Family Trip to JB

Another reason of leaving the Happee Day Event early was to head JB – City Tebrau with our extended family. This round we went in with two cars. My niece boyfriend is driving as well as my sister’s boyfriend.

It was indeed very fun to travel together although there was a slight jam at the causeway. Yvette is having great fun at my sister’s boyfriend car and didn’t want to nap at all.


Our first stop is always hitting the Jusco supermarket for grocery. Since we were travelling in a big group and we decided to split as not everyone love to do grocery shopping. Only me, SIL, D & Yvette were in the supermarket. Yvette dozed off shortly. It was already very late when Yvette dozed off. She slept for about 2 hours. This gave us a chance to drink our coffee at Old Town. (If you are fan of Old Town, do try their coffee there. It is so much CHEAPER!)


I decided to leave Yvette with D and SIL went to Harris Bookstore (also known as Popular) in the mall. I got these 说说唱唱 CD & VCD for myself and Sam. It was Sam who recommended me this CD and I find them good. I also found some exercise for 明明 series we are reading from iPod. (But short of one book 幼儿学写字 1 下; they are so much cheaper in Malaysia. RM 4.40 per book with 10 % discount. Yes, Popular card can be used in Malaysia. I found the same set of books in SG at ELM Tree at Paragon.)


This is for Sam


This is for Yvette



P/S: Getting books in Malaysia really more cheaper. With no GST, with discount and exchange rate, make our dollar more stronger.

Look at the crowd there, I bet Early Childhood Learning is equally big piece of market in Malaysia.



While I was making payment, Yvette suddenly woke up with a bad dream. Luckily I was already at the cashier and my niece passed her to me quickly.

My niece gave us a treat at Black Canyon for Dinner. It was really cheap and good. For 10 adults 1 child, we only spent about hundred and our stomach was filled with plenty of food.




After dinner, we went back to Jusco department store again. This round I managed to 3 sets of PJ and 2 sets of home clothing for only RM49.50 which I don’t think I can find the same deal in SG.

JB 31.10

While I am searching for clothing, D, my sister & her boyfriend kept Yvette accompany at Amusement Centre. She also had fun in the indoor playground and we only spent RM3 for 20 mins.


I like this picture



At close to 9 pm, we decided we have to make our way back home. But sadly there was a jam at the custom which resulted we were only back home close to 11.15 pm. We quickly bathed and get ready to bed. We were too tired to pack our stuff and leave everything around.

Yvette didn’t make much fuss and all of us were in our slumber shortly.


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