Everyone Is Talking About Happee Day; And We Were There Too!

To be honest, we been up at 6-7 plus everyday for the past one week and were getting worn out to get up from the bed this morning. Worst, Yvette slept at near 12 midnight for the past 3 nights which I have no idea what is the root cause to the change. However, we know this is an event of the year we shouldn’t miss, we were up and ready to leave house by 9 am this morning. We headed Macdonald for breakfast, favourite pancakes before we took a cab there.


My little monkey in the lift!

It started to drizzle when we were there. To my surprise I saw Yvette classmate from JG and was so happy to see her granny again. (Her granny went back to Huston and was back in Singapore now.) We have a good chat while D took good care of Yvette.

Yvette wasn’t at the right mood and seriously again; we didn’t know what had caused it. She was fine in the morning when we were having breakfast. The light rain wet the bouncing castle and Yvette couldn’t have fun. But then when Mr. Sun was out, she only wants to see other kids to have fun and refused to go in because D couldn’t join her.

page 1

So she was playing with the bubbles we brought along instead.

Happee Day

We did some craft too. This is the only craft we visited. I find it is easy to make and the material is easily found in Daiso too. I will go and get these for Yvette and hopefully I could slot in time for it.

Happee Day (2)

How can I miss asking Stella to join me for this meaningful event? Here is Velda, our beautiful princess!


I thought Yvette would be totally out of mood to socialise, (because she refused to let Zac held her hand to take picture. hahahaa… read the funny situation here…) I saw her playing with Zac and as well as Sonya’s son with the ball. Oh yes, she loves ball, train and car… sometimes I feel she is like a boy.


Where is Zac?


Ball Fun with Sonya's son & a little girl

I love these two picture taken on the field. She looks all grown up in my eye.



We left early so that I could cook lunch for my FIL and took the cake home to decorate but then the journey back home disfigure the cake.



It was fun to get together and all credit to Daphne and the sponsors!!!



4 thoughts on “Everyone Is Talking About Happee Day; And We Were There Too!

    • I wanted to put that pic I showed you on this entry too. But then I scare you will mind.

      Anyway, all these pictures are taken by Olympus and I find the colour not as nice as Canon. Miss Canon Camera and wonder when I will get it back again.

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