Update About CC and Yvette’s Progression #2 – Monday is Always the Hardest


This is Yvette. Picture was taken on Tuesday. I managed to trick her to wear that clip and it was wore all the way after school.

Yvette slept at 12 midnight yesterday, and she woke up at 6 plus this morning.

I have never experience Yvette telling me “I don’t want to go to school”. But this morning she kept telling me.

When I dropped her off to school, she said Bye Bye to me for the first time but then she was crying like water foundation as I walked out the class.

I don’t welcome this change. I hope this is a one time off affair!

On Adapting The Change

The worst scenario will be she will cry from entering the class at 9 am to 10 to 10.30 am; then she will stop. And she will be in good mood close to 1 pm. Yes sometimes I fetch her at close to 1 pm now.

I find Monday is always the hardest. She really cries too much on Monday but for the rest of the days of the week, usually she will cry for 15 mins or sometimes 30 mins and then she will stop.

I did this role playing game with her at home with Yvette (as advised by Nic).

I let Yvette bring her doll/bear to a pretend school (any room or corner at home that allows a door to be closed), go through the ritual of a peck on the cheek, a hug and a crisp ‘goodbye’ and tell Yvette to tell her doll/bear that she will be back for her in a while when school is over. I tell Yvette to tell the bear that school is fun and there are lots of toys and friends here! Then me and Yvette leave the room, close the door and leave. Say 5-10min later go back into the room to ‘fetch’ the doll/bear (you may extend the time later). During that waiting period outside that pretend school, I have a chat with Yvette to discuss what the doll/bear might be doing. Talk about positive things.  I rotate the roles. I did a few times. And when I actually send her to her real school, remind her this is just like her doll/bear’s experience, use the same words Yvette uses with her doll/bear during the role play.

But Yvette didn’t like the idea of me sending her Minnie Mouse to school. She still prefer Minnie Mouse stay with her.

On School Policy

It coming to Year end, this school will need us to sever two months notice instead of a month if we want to withdraw now.  And the best part is, the school needs us to pay provision school fee for Jan to secure the place for next year. !@#$%

On Learning

Finally I received something from school to update me what Yvette had been doing.

Highlight Curriculum from 15th Sept to 30th Sept as follow:

Theme: Music

For English:-

They are learning Letter J and they made Jelly where Yvette missed it.

Musical instrument: Two-tone block, cluster bells, hand drums and maracas.

For Mandarin:-

儿歌 –  哈哈笑, 找小铃, 大鼓小鼓

手工活动 – 沙球摇摇乐

游戏活动 –  音乐水杯, 乐器表演秀

In addition to what they have learnt, they celebrated Lantern Festive in School.

The teachers are rather accommodative on getting Yvette to learn especially on doing crafts. They realised she gets into extremely good mood at around 11.20 am which is the lunch time.

They will give Yvette work to do while she is waiting for me. I am grateful the teachers took extra mile to get Yvette into mood to learn for now.

On Eating Together

One of Yvette’s classmate had the same problem as Yvette. They just don’t like to eat the food in CC. So initially both of them just don’t eat. The worst of all, her classmate is on Full Day. So the teachers suggested to bring own lunch. And this classmate finally eat. And now, she had already adjusted herself to eat the food in CC and her family doesn’t need to bring Lunch for her anymore.

I am doing the same thing right now.

Yvette didn’t like CC food. Luckily she is on half a day and I can always feed her at home but then me and the teachers agree that eating together is one of the learning process, so they suggested I cooked Lunch for Yvette to bring it to school.

So since last Friday, Yvette had been eating home-cooked lunch and she is eating well in CC.



On Birthday’s Goodie Bag

Yvette received the first Goodie Bag from her classmate on Wednesday. I am thinking CC unlike school like JGC, we will definitely see the same tots again and again as they promoted to next level. So this time I will get something for the birthday girl (and I think will be books) but I will cap at S$5 to S$10.

What would you usually do?


2 thoughts on “Update About CC and Yvette’s Progression #2 – Monday is Always the Hardest

  1. no leh. we don’t get the birthday kid anything. he/she will get his/her goodie bag when it’s my son’s birthday loh.

    one class got at lest 10 kids bah. so 10x $5 = $50 a year at least.

    • This sound a lot of money. Oh well a Maths Teacher there and an Accountant here… 😀

      Actually you have to factor in situations like Yvette might miss some celebration due to unable to attend school and some parents don’t like to celebrate birthday in school.

      Anyway, I found something below my budget. Nice and interesting and it cost me S$3.50.

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