The Outcome of My First Closed Door Spree

Finally after the wait, I received two boxes of toys from Amazon today. And I am very happy with the price we are paying.

5 mummies shared 10 toys and we pay less than 300 bucks where I think we have to fork out much more (20% to 25% more) if these toys are brought in Singapore. There is a two toys that I have never seen it in Singapore before.

Without further ado, here are the toys and the estimate price (including shipping) that brought by us. (I haven’t got my credit card bill but I guess my estimate using the exchange rate will be close enough.)



Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart – SGD 47 (est.) (I never see this toy in Singapore before.)


Melissa & Doug See & Spell – SGD 28 (est.)


Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks & Boards – SGD 28 (est.)


Melissa & Doug World Map 33 pcs Floor Puzzle – SGD 27 (est.) (I never see the same toy in Singapore before. ELC got something similar.)


Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Storing Clock – SGD 20 (est.)

Mummies, wait for my bill ok. Will send out the calculation to you soon. Then you can pay me before collecting.

Thanks for sharing with me.

P/S: The pictures quality are really bad!!! Canon will have produce better quality and close to the toy.


10 thoughts on “The Outcome of My First Closed Door Spree

    • Welcome to my site and drop me your first comment.

      According to the Amazon – Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart is to help kids understand the concept of behavior and rewards. This entertaining, magnetic activities board feature the innovative combination of magnets and wood. Includes a dry-erase board and 134 magnets depicting behaviors and rewards. Measures 16″ x 12″ when closed; 16″ x 24″ when open.

  1. Refer to Jean Comment here –


    Thanks for telling me you are inspired by me. I believe there is a way for working mother to teach too. I have many friends who work and they manage to find way to teach. I hope you can find a way soon!

    As for buying toys from Amazon, did you use Vpost? I use Vpost to ship my toys from Amazon US to US Freight forwarding Company then to Singapore port and my Vpost account is linked to my Singapore address.

    Trust the above helps.

  2. Thanks Sunflower on your reply.
    Can I ask why didnt you send Yvette to Chiltern House which is also under JG?
    Now my son is in bilingual playclub. Thinking of CH when he turns 3 but the fees are high. Wonder if it’s worth it

    • It is because Chiltern is not near to my house. I got a place at Chiltern House Halifax Road, it is morning session but I gave them up. One of my priority is the school Yvette is attending must near house.

      There are many, really many advantages that school is near to our house. At least, she is sleeping an hour more than her peer who is sleeping at the same time as her.

      If you ask me Chiltern is worth it, I will say Yes. I like the way the teacher manage the child. It is very good for future development.

      I think I am typical but then you can’t say I am wrong. For premium school, the turn over of teachers are really low. Teachers affect our child’s growth and development. Kid might like this teacher but will not like another. For example, your kid is coping well for first half of the year but then second half, he is totally out of your expectation. One of the reason can be teacher movement. A change of teacher will somehow affect the kid a lot.

      My 2 cents worth.

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