Odds and Ends of Our Everyday Life – 27th Oct 2010 ~ Appealing for Camera

Today is one of the rare morning I went out. Usually I will head home after sending Yvette to school. I have been thinking of heading Gym to workout but yet I couldn’t get my bum going.

I planned my route from Home to Canon then to KYDZedu rather than from KYDZedu to Canon then back home. It more efficient to travel to place by place by MRT than bus and taxi. I only have 3 hours in the morning so I have to ensure I factor in the waiting time well.

Our Canon is officially D.E.A.D again. I went down to service centre this morning before I head KYDZedu again to collect the “missing” toy.


At KYDZedu. I found this and was happy to get this for Yvette at S$12.

I am thinking to get Yvette to learn Multiplication now. I am not stressing her but then she had proven she knows.



She had already mastered multiplication of 5 with the help of More About Starfall.

Fullscreen capture 28102010 42655 PM

The programme starts from 5,10,15,20,25,… all the way to 50. Then one day I went beyond 50, I said, 55, 60. Yvette went on by saying 65, then I went on by 70, Yvette 75, then I 80, Yvette 85, then I 90, Yvette 95 and finally I 100. I was SO happy! This went on and on for many days. So I am really certain she is fairly good at numbers and I am going to teach her.

Unless you think Multiplication from 1 to 100 is not by memorising, then no point learning them now. It is because the method I am adopting now is by memorising. Concept will come later.

Sam recommended this CD to me long ago. I only turned on for Yvette once. Think with this board, I am going turn it on more often for her to listen. I got this from Popular but then I suggest you to buy in Malaysia. The price that you will need to pay in Malaysia is 50% cheaper! No kidding.


P/S: Appealing to Used Camera. I wonder anyone of you got any very old model compact camera to let go at round S$20 to S$40 bucks. Or can you tell me where to get cheap camera? I don’t want to keep heading Canon to fix the camera although it still under warranty.(Some of the parts still need to pay.) But then we can’t stop Yvette from wanting to “play” with the camera. –.-!!!



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