Hand Sewed Practical Life : Button Up & Shapes

I want to teach Yvette Button-up for long but yet I didn’t want to spend money on such toy. So while browsing this site, I am inspired by this mother again .

She did Button Me Up using her son puzzle and I think this is a great material I should sew one for Yvette.

So I came up with this 2 in 1 toys and Yvette loves it so much.


I also made all these cards for Yvette to do matching. From this set of cards, I found out Yvette could match almost 90% of the shapes.


The cost of these hand sewed toy only cost me S$6 and I need 2 hours to complete sewing. I need another 20 mins to finish the cards. I used Yvette’s shape puzzle to get those shapes. For shapes which I don’t have, I google the shape and copy it into a piece of paper. Print them out and do the cutting on the felt material before I sewed.


This method is suggested by D


For those 3D shapes like Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, Pyramid,  which I can’t sew. I have this toy for Yvette. It was brought so long ago for only S$5 and this is part of the toy.


And lastly this is the toy that I brought to the Play Date and Zhi En loves it so much too.

11 thoughts on “Hand Sewed Practical Life : Button Up & Shapes

  1. i think i should try this with Lucas, but if i ask him to button up shape sure he will run away 🙂

    so i have to let him button up “transportation”, fire engine…may be he will guai guai and do it..

  2. by the way, is it wrong to say “liu jiao xing” for hexagon for example? I’ve referred to these shapes in chinese as having how many number of corners all these while, instead of how many sides.

  3. Sam,

    Actually I follow one application in iPod, it is both correct to say 五边 & 五角 … same for Hexagon. (I know 角 too)

    But what is the current text book is teaching, to play safe, I think I will do one more set of card and tell Yvette both of them is same meaning.

    • dunno what textbook say… all my kids say 角 though. Bc they follow from Triangle, i think? But when I asked, they all said 角 instantly.

  4. The button me up felt activity is good. Learning shape and at the same time time the kid can learn how to button and unbutton. I should try to do one for Javier also. 🙂

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