Simplicity #3


Food 7

Yvette’s classmate mum in JGC taught me this. Simple, not much effort at all. Most importantly, Yvette loves this a lot. We call this Sweet Sweet Meat!

P/S: I cooked this last Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Simplicity #3

  1. Oh really. Haha – anyway, I don’t eat pork that much, so it won’t be the 1st item on my mind. 😉

    Simplest dishes for me are baked salmon or stews. The baked salmon is easiest.

    • I grill Salmon too. Mine is very easy and simple too. Just Marinate and grill. Will blog about it when I cook… 😀

      Stews like soup, a lot of chopping… so still a lot of work ya!

  2. Not so bad for stews. Not so many veges, and all just cut big-big and put into the put. I use a really small crockpot as well which is useful for this. I also like to use this small crockpot for an easy herbal chicken – put 2 marinated chicken breastpieces (i think 3 also can), plus the herbs from the packet (i just don’t use the paper/aluminium in the packet). Sometimes I add some other stuff like mushrooms/carrots, etc. But if you don’t, then that’s also just a put into the pot – no need chopping.

    What I truly regretted one day (regarding the chopping bit) was to do a baked pasta dish. Or rather, individual pasta dishes – one for each person in the house plus an additional separate flavoured one for my #3. That was the worst choice. I spent the WHOLE afternoon preparing. Never again. Stew is still MUCH MUCH easier. haha!

  3. yes, have – depends on what you like. Actually the herbal chicken I described is also considered a “stew”. Forgot to say that unlike the packet instructions, I add water – enough to reach almost the level of the chicken pieces.

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