Play Date with Crystal & Zhi En

It all about Bloging…

All thanks to Zhi En’s mum, I got to know Crystal’s mum (Classmate of Yvette in CC). She recognised me and  told me Zhi En’s mum recommended my site to her. (Thanks) Now I got another mummy gang friend to yak yak.

Anyway, we were invited to their place today for play date. Yeah I love play date and Yvette loves them too. I couldn’t take nice picture of them (playing) together. Oh yes, there is a toy I brought along and Zhi En loves playing with Yvette very much. I shall disclose them later.

Here the only picture taken for the day.


Food brings the tots together!!!


Thanks for inviting us!

5 thoughts on “Play Date with Crystal & Zhi En

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