Play Date with Velda & Zac on Mast Ship

Sam sms-ed me on Thursday telling me I should bring Yvette to see the pirate ships of 73 years old. (Here’s Sam entry about their outing and Baby was excited to see the ship.) Knowing this is a rare opportunity not to miss, and D is not working today, we decided to bring Yvette there despite poor weather condition. (The heavy rain in the morning didn’t improve the weather condition.)


I was talking to Stella at the same time when I received Sam’s sms yesterday so I asked her weather she wants to come along. She accept the date on the spot. (Here’s Stella’s entry about their date. I am too lazy to edit all the picture taken after two entries of home schooling post. So, if you will to see more pictures of the ship, hop over to Stella’s site.)

Although we were to meet at 4 pm in the afternoon, on hoping Yvette will nap and FIL just discharged. But sadly, this didn’t happen. D was around and Yvette refused to nap. She only took a power nap of 20 mins on the cab.

She was in foul mood when we were there. No smile from her. Velda was excited and as for Zac, he was just up from his nap, he was having the same mood as Yvette.

Although Yvette was nap of rest but she was not as cranky as I would have expected. And so, we didn’t stay there for long.

Best picture of the day but I can’t remember what she is pointing.


She was still very sleepy….. awwwww….


Most active picture for the day. Most of the time, she just wanted to be in our arm. She barely moved around.


Oh yes, she attempted to climb the steep stairways. D was really caution in assisting her.


Before we left, we saw the sailors trying to carry many toilet papers they brought onto the ship and D joked that they will regret getting so many if they are sailing to Malaysia and even to Thailand.




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