Tot Learning Lesson Plan (26th Sept to 16th Oct 2010) – Part 2


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Actually some of my lesson plan are inspired by this mother. I love the simple way she is teaching her son.

Pre-writing and Other Activities Related to Letter A

I still prefer printing learning worksheet from Confession of Homeschooler and some from the activity books I have invested.

Lesson Plan 11

More activities for Letter A – Tracing card & patterning.

Lesson Plan 1 (9)

Colouring is fun, creative pre-writing activities for preschool children. These skills will include hand strength, directional movement patterns, and effective hand position, which will then facilitate making lines, letters, and shapes. All development comes in predictable stages. Before a child can write, he/she must have the prerequisite fine motor skills necessary to use his/her wrist and hands properly and effectively. Have fun trying all of these great ideas below so that your child is ready to write! (source – there are some tips here on how to help toddler in colouring too.)


I did the colouring with her to motivate and encourage her. Oh yes, she traced  those words on the worksheet with my help.

I brought Kumon First Steps Workbooks for Yvette. But I only brought Let’s Sticker & Paste! & Let’s Colour for a start. So far it has been effective.


She manage to follow the picture shown on the top right hand side and we did the activity together. I also like there are root word about the worksheet  printed on the worksheet. I also go thru with her whenever we did the activity together.

Lesson Plan 1 (4)

Lastly here is the colour pencil Yvette uses at home. It can be found in Popular.


On Learning Chinese


We continue reading 明明 series on iPod Touch. We are at book 4 – 画画.

Although Yvette still can’t recognise all the word from 我会读 set 1, I decided to do set 2 with her. And the first book of this set 2 is a hit to her. It is about colour and she loves it very much. She take it so well and she could recognise some difficult word after reading them for 3 weeks

Set 1 – 我的家庭 Set 2 – 片语
爸爸 红色的花
妈妈 绿色的叶子
哥哥 橙色的萝卜
姐姐 黄色的香蕉
弟弟 蓝色的裤子
妹妹 紫色的葡萄
爷爷 黑色的乌鸦
奶奶 白色的兔子
叔叔 灰色的大象
阿姨 棕色的桌子

I brought second level of pre-school Chinese Reader from the book store in Thomson Plaza. (12 books for S$12) 小白兔洗澡 is slightly difficult. For this set of book, it is to build up her Vocabulary not so much of word recognition.

Now she knows 洗澡 is bathing, 肥皂 is soap, 高高兴兴 is happy, 干干净净 is clean, 忘 is forget.

I didn’t want to let those words we learnt in JGC goes into museum. I took the 3 booklets out and read together with Yvette. I think we will always revise them till Yvette could master all the words.


Term 1 -旅行与交通 Term 2 – 食物 Term 3 – 出海
你好 面条 海豚
小船 葡萄 小鱼
飞机 橙色 黄色
巴士 苹果
红色 鲨鱼
圆形 米饭 三角形
火车 帆船
金色 粉红色 蓝色
嘟嘟 泡泡 章鱼

Learn Thru Play

M&D – Alphabet Nesting & Stacking Blocks I brought more than half a year ago from one of the spree. (To me 25% to 40% off the retail price is a good buy without sales.)

Lesson Plan 1 (8)

It is a shape sorter for her now…..She is not a fan. She just love to knock them out of the base!


Fixing her Snake and Ladder puzzle. (All her effort. Without my help. I think she knows how but she refuse to go on at that point. In fact she completed the puzzle with my encouragement last week.) She knows the sequence from 1 to 100 well enough now. There are still mistakes but again good enough.


Credit goes to the booklapping class I sent her and iPod Touch. She knows Days of the Week and Rainbow colour now. So now, I am teaching her the months of the year thru puzzle. I got these puzzle for free…. (Yeah, all thanks to Ah Yee given us S$10 voucher from Taka. And more over they are selling at 20% off when I brought them!)


Practical Life Skills

rolling mat

Using the sushi mat to practice rolling. Sometimes she also help me to roll our towel.


Peeling egg is one of our usual routine.


Practising her pincer grasp. Yvette had to remove the cloths pegs from the paper and clip them back on again.


Tong. She is so good now. She could pick up small item like green bean. Not too sure she could pick up marble. Need to buy some marble.

Other Learning Activities

Learning using More About Starfall is a must for Yvette everyday. (About an hour per day. This effectively bring down the time she spent on iPod Touch.)

A memory game she invented herself. She could remember and associated the number behind all these shapes. We didn’t train her for it. She started to play with us when I asked her what is this one day. As I moved on again and again with her, we knew she had leant them by heart all by her own effort.

Lesson Plan 1 (5)

I got this idea on teaching this  “Before & After” concept for maths  in this site. Actually Yvette knows the concept of “After” very well now after playing her favourite game Snake and Ladder. After running thru the word card with her, it seemed she need more practice for “before”.


While doing this activity, it lead us to another activity – Spelling. Surprising, Yvette could spell a few more words now. And I took this opportunity to teach her the spelling of sweet. It makes us LAUGH! Ho ho ho…

Lesson Plan 1 (6)

Drawing. Papa can really draw very well but it seems Yvette doesn’t really like to draw… hmmmm like me. I can’t draw. My standard is worse than a 3 yo!

Lesson Plan 1 (7)

Too much for 3 weeks, I find just nice. In fact, I am doing our second lapbook and I find 2 week is too rush. I shall stick to this for now.

Happy Learning! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Tot Learning Lesson Plan (26th Sept to 16th Oct 2010) – Part 2

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  2. WOW! That’s alot of activities for 3 weeks. I’ve always love to read about learning activities that mums do at home with their kids. They’ve never failed to motivate me to do more with mine. Sometimes I’m just plain lazy. Thanks for motivating me again through these 2 posts of yours! Great job done there!

    • I am inspired by you too. I love the recent activities you did with your boys about Ants. Will definitely refer to your entry when I come to this topic with Yvette!

  3. hi,

    haven’t said hi for a while 🙂 how r u and little yvette?
    i must confess that i haven’t been very diligent in teaching my girl
    apart from reading 😛
    it’s just so hard to get her attention for more than a couple of minutes 😦
    how do u get your girl to sit down??

    i like the snake and ladders number puzzle!
    may i ask where u bought it?

    tks and warmest regards 🙂

    • jnj,

      Hi to you too. Getting a child to sit down takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. If you didn’t get your girl to do activity over and over again, you won’t build up that attention span. Eg. start with just 1-2 mins then slowly you will see she could sit down and do more. I am assuming she loves to read and doesn’t mind sitting down to read with you.

      For the snake and ladders, I got it from Popular at Thomson. There was one period of time where some mummies were looking for it and I think they got it from Sembawang. Not too sure where can get it now as I have never seen it in TPY Popular.

  4. hihi,

    yes she’ll sit down to read, even by herself ( though i think she is juz looking at the pictures haha! )
    ok, will continue to encourage her!

    tks again for your advice 🙂

    • Try with playing with some toy, eg puzzle? Pretend play, eg cooking, dressing a baby, taking care a soft toy.

      Try doing some sticker, colouring, drawing… etct

      There are the activities I been doing with Yvette.

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