Zac’s 3rd Birthday

Velda and Zac’s birthday are so important to me. It is a party that I will never want to miss. There is playdate that was schedule today was cancelled. So I can head Stella’s place early.

Yvette dozed off on the cab and slept for 1.5 hours at Stella’s house. When she was up, she was so unsure what is happening. But then when I asked her whether she want to play Snake and Ladder, that brighten up her mood.


However, we didn’t finish the game. Velda and Zac abandon the game after my sister won the game.


Snake and Ladder is a good game. At least Yvette benefit from it. But it doesn’t mean it is going to suit every kid. Velda got so bored because she was falling behind and decided to join her mother in craft making but Zac got the interest going despite he was losing. And I realise after playing with them, I know not all kids like number. Velda is less keen to learn on number, perhaps she already know but then Zac was listening to me as I read out the number to him.Yvette happen to be someone that like number and Yvette hardly lose when she is playing this game. Surprisingly, She always win not by we giving in, it is her luck. This is a game to build up the idea of sportsmanship from young too. Since Yvette hardly lose, she doesn’t like the idea we are winning. So every time, when we win, we need to encourage her as well as teaching her accepting the idea of losing. So far, we are still working with Yvette with this. This game can take hour to finish I mind you. It teaches us patience to complete them too Going up and down is never that fun. So we also encourage Yvette that she should always stay through the game even she is losing. Never stop playing. That will increase her concentration span too.

After Snake and Ladder, we played another game. This is a passing ball game . The person will need to preform after the music stop. When Yvette was the one to perform, she was so happy. She sang Baa Baa Black Sheep with me in front of so many people.


Then followed by a dancing activity where Yvette also joined in too. Love the way she dance. (See the video clip here.)


While waiting for Stella to get prepare for the cake, Yvette have fun playing with this toy in the room. (Gonna to buy this toy for her half birthday!)


Cake cutting is always a highlight for tots. Look at Velda and Zac, they are so happy.


Happy Birthday to you Zac! Stay Healthy!!!


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