Simplicity #1



We steamed the Egg Tofu (as one of the dish for our meal) and eat together with soya sauce only.

I wonder who eat like us?


2 thoughts on “Simplicity #1

  1. One of the dishes only, right? Actually tofu only need to “heat up”….

    I like to use block of tofu….in microwave, put spring onions & some fried onions and some jap sauce (either the nuts sauce or the soya sesame sauce). Once I grated root vegetables(eg. pumpkin & carrots) as “sauce” on it to really steam – I liked it – nice & colourful too, but my daughter thought it was strange. HAHAH!!!

    The green tea tofu is quite interesting too , have you tried?

    • Ya as one dish!!!

      Yeah I use those block tofu too. Same style as you.

      But I never use grated carrot or pumkin before. Hmmm I should try.

      Green Tea tofu, I never try before. I wonder will Yvette like. Will buy one and try.

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